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  1. AsterPhoenix

    New Sakura Wars/Taisen for PS4

    It looks beautiful so far.
  2. AsterPhoenix

    Persona 5 R confirmed for PS4

    Eng Sub trailer possibly a new confidant/social link or female protagonist. I hope they make Sae romanceable,playable Hifumi or I'd be happy seeing extra content after the ending in the original.
  3. AsterPhoenix

    Legend of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel 3 coming west

    Yep NIS America is localizing it and they screwed up YS VIII a lot and had to re translate it all over :( I thought it was going to be the case with the translators of who worked on the XSeed games got laid off a while back. There's be more info regarding it's localisation at PAX South on...
  4. AsterPhoenix

    Persona 5 R Teased for PS4

    Persona 5 R Teased which I presume it's a enhanced edition of Persona 5. Interesting they put the PS Icon first on a atlustube channel so it may indicate it exclusive despite the rumors spreading for a Switch version due to Joker appearing on Super Smash Bros . - I expect the producer will be...
  5. AsterPhoenix

    Granblue Fantasy Versus announced for PS4

    Granblue Fantasy Versus, scheduled for 2019, PS4 only Developed by Arc System Works who done Guilty Gear, Blazblue and DBZ Fighter Z. There's also a new Granblue Re:Link gameplay a game that got announced by Platnium Games a year or two ago it looks amazing. Which is announced for PS4. For...
  6. AsterPhoenix

    Judgement( Project Judge) trailer coming summer 2019

    Credit to gematsu for the information Here's a link for the trailer below I had my eye on this since this got announced im highly interested in this. Same creator as Yakuza and im not too sure on the english voices I think i'll play in JP dub.
  7. AsterPhoenix

    Resonance Of Fate 4K Edition

    Releasing on PS4/PC and Tri Ace are self publishing this instead of Sega who published the original release on PS3/Xbox 360. Resonance of Fate got overlooked by other games at the time so if you haven't had the chance to play this it's like steampunk Valkyrie Profile with guns. Game has good...
  8. AsterPhoenix

    [OT]Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

    Tales of Vesperia with the content from the PS3 version coming west to consoles Im looking back and played Vesperia on 360 for the first time in ages and im excited we finally get the chance to play the PS3 content localized in English. But I felt after playing it again it doesn't feel the...
  9. AsterPhoenix

    Warriors Orochi 4 announced(Also coming West)

    It got announced in Japan 1-2 days ago and thanks to this video as well as gematsu it confirms it's coming west. Here's just a CG teaser and I really enjoyed Warriors Orochi 3 I hope they sort of continue with what made it good as well more like Dynasty Warriors 8 direction wise.
  10. AsterPhoenix

    Shining Resonance Refrain coming west to consoles and PC

    This is a game that released on PS3 several years ago only in Japan but this is a updated version with new content as well as all the DLC from the original they are releasing it for all current gen consoles and PC. Gameplay below starts around 1 hour and 4 minute mark Link for the info on the...
  11. AsterPhoenix

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Theme Song/D23 Expo Trailer

    Trailer Hikaru Utada New Song Sample So far it's looking quite good. From the sounds of things they are planning to reveal the release date at E3( I wouldn't be surprised if the release date turns out to be next year despite at the end of the recent trailers says it's 2018). UPDATE - Seems...
  12. AsterPhoenix

    YS VIII coming to Switch

    YS VIII coming to Switch due to NISA I played this on PS4 im near the end of it and it will be a awesome game to play on the go. Despite NISA translation for it's Ys VIII release on PS4/Vita wasn't good and they are fixing it with a patch which should be out in a couple of days. Im hoping...
  13. AsterPhoenix

    Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link 8 minute gameplay

    New gameplay video of the Cygames/Platnium Games Action JPRG based of the mobile game. Cell shading and the gameplay for this looks amazing and I hope it released in the west if not im importing this despite Glanblue Fantasy hasn't released on mobile in the west but you can play it with English...
  14. AsterPhoenix

    Shin Megami Tensei V announced for Switch

    Seems like this series will stay with Nintendo I still have to play the 4th one enjoyed Nocturne/Lucifier's Call. Game is also running on the Unreal Engine it seems.
  15. AsterPhoenix

    Star Ocean 4 HD for PS4 and PC

    Announced in Japan for a release late next month so we may get the game in the west a trailer is below. This game had some ok aspects such as more open areas and some new aspects of the gameplay that people liked as well as a not good voice acting in...
  16. AsterPhoenix

    God Eater 3 Announced

    Official Statement from Bandai Namco God Eater 3 is planned for release worldwide, including the Americas, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia). Credit...
  17. AsterPhoenix

    Ys VIII demo

    I hear it was on PSN/Steam but has anyone in the forums played it? If anyone has whats your impressions? I got to wait 1 more month since im travelling.
  18. AsterPhoenix

    Falcom interested in doing remasters for Trails of Cold Steel 1 & 2

    It would be good since Trails of Cold Steel 3 is coming to PS4 so for people who haven't played the games it's a good idea and they should localize the zero series as well.
  19. AsterPhoenix

    Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 Expo Trailer

    Summary below The chance of delays for this being likely but least there is some idea of a release date. Toy Story is a world that people have long anticipated and the graphics suit well with the animation.