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    Akon Announces the signing of the "male lady gaga" I personally think this kind of music will NOT be popular among the general public. Why Akon signed this person is beyond me. Does anyone actually think this...
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    72-YEAR-OLD granny having incestuous affair with her own GRANDSON "Pearl says the relationship is not wrong after a friend told her about Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) syndrome, which occurs when close relatives meet as adults and find they are attracted to...
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    Wii Fit injury turns woman into a sex addict!

    What a weird story
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    100 year old woman says drink and cigarettes keep her young

    "Lorna Gobey smoked her first cigarette in 1940 – the same year the country was blitzed during the Battle of Britain. The retired cinema-usher, who smokes 20 Sterling Superkings Blue a day, has gone through over half-a-million cigarettes since then."...
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    When A Mexican Drug Lord Gets Busted

    Gold Gun??!? Tigers and Panthers!? and more money then I've ever seen in my life. Crazy.
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    Another shooting near Columbine

    Luckily only two students were wounded, as some Dr stopped the gunman. Would anyone have the courage to confront a gunman?
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    Want to live past 100?

    If you do... this might be good news for you.
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    13 year old looks like she's 50 Just like that movie benjamin button.
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    Interested in the IPAD? I am on the fence about picking this up, is anybody getting it when it's released?
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    The U.S to blame for the earthquake?

    Is the U.S to blame for the earthquake in Haiti? Sounds like a ridiculous question but that is what venezuelan leader hugo chavez claimed. YouTube- Chavez: US weapon test caused Haiti earthquake Think this guys a crazy?
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    Man steals necklace from 5 year old

    YouTube- Terrible: Man In California Robs A 5-Year-Old For His Gold Chain! (Knocks Him To The Ground) The guy on the bike is a jerk in my opinion.
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    PS3 Portable

    Looks uncomfortable, and it has to be near a wifi hotspot.. but it looks cool. What are your thoughts? ''Sorry if already posted"
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    Asian GF Destroys PS3

    What would you do if your gf did this? YouTube- Asian Girlfriend Destroys PS3
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    Is my PS3 calling it quits?

    When I play Uncharted 2 online my PS3 shuts off. I have tried multiple times with the same results. ( Some times I can get into a game for a minute but then my ps3 just turns off ) I will test other games after I work today to see if the problem isn't only related to uncharted 2 online. Any...
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    Guy Marries Video Game!!

    Sorry if this is already posted, but this is one of the weirdest things I've ever heard of.
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    PS3 slim confirmed

    From IGN. [10:33] Kaz is really good at building tension... he's moving on... he made a very subtle joke about "shape and form". [10:33] He points out a podium that no one has used yet. He teases, that it has a purpose. [10:34] Today is that day for PS3 Slim. [10:34] First week of...
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    CODWAW Zombie problems...

    Whenever I try to play zombie mode online, nobody ever joins my room unless I invite them to join. The thing is some days it only takes one second to find a player, other days ( like today and yesterday ) it wouldn't find anybody even if I left it on for an hour. Is this common, or is there...
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    Any Way To Take Apart The PS3 Controller?

    My stupid friend was playing the UFC demo with me yesterday and was smashing my controller so hard that part of the right analog stick nub came off ( only half of it ) I have another ps3 controller with the L1 button broken, so I was hoping to take that one apart and get out the stick and throw...
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    Maybe a stupid question...

    When I type into my browser it brings me to and I can sign in with my username no problem. But if I type in, I can't sign in with my username as it says it is the wrong name or password. Just thought it weird considering ps3forums is now Do I need...
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    Children ready for the apocalypse because of video games? I personally think that woman in the room is crazy... your thoughts?