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  1. Gers

    Shenmue 3 Release Date Announced

    As Chris said, gives me a year to finish the first two. Now all I’m waiting for is a release date for the FF7 remake!
  2. Gers

    COD Ghost Class setups?

    I suck eggs at Ghost. I don't know why that is but I have been reasonably decent at most COD game. This one however, I just can't find a setup that works. Sooooooooo this thread is created for me to get an idea of what setups you guys use and why they work :)
  3. Gers

    PSU Premier Prediction League - sign up now!

    A few posters and I have been predicting the scores the last few weeks just for fun. I'm making a new thread because it can get kind of muddled in the football thread as obviously there is lots of football talk in there. Anyway the rules are: You get 3 points for a correct score 1 point for a...
  4. Gers

    Your Fifa 14 Career Mode

    A Thread to discuss all things in your Career Mode! Whether it's results, signings, hidden gems, whatever document it here. I went Arsenal this time around, usually go Rangers, (for obvious reasons) and although I did start a CM with them (switching them back into the SPL) I found it tough...
  5. Gers

    Best Controller for PC

    I'm a total noob when it comes to pc gaming but with the steam sales I've bought some decent games at cut down prices and I'm looking for a good controller to play games like Oblivion on it. So yeah I'm wondering what the best options out there that you guys recommend? Just incase its...
  6. Gers

    EU Jan PS+ Update

    New ps+ games released later today Entering PS+: PS3 DmC Devil May Cry Borderlands 2 PS Vita Soul Sacrifice Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend And on the 8th of January...
  7. Gers

    New Story DLC coming to GTA V in 2014 Old news (don't see it posted anywhere) and not really much given away but at least there is confirmation that story based dlc is coming.
  8. Gers

    WWF/E Discussion Thread

    I know we have the Professional Wrestling thread but that mainly consists of talking about the latest Raw and PPV's, which is cool but I don't really watch wrestling nowadays and would love to talk about the Attitude Era etc. Soooo with that said, this thread is for chat about all things...
  9. Gers

    Soul Sacrifice

    Always been semi-Interested in getting this but never got around it, however it's part of the instant collection on eu ps+ next month so I will finally get around to playing it. Anyway the point of this thread is to see what you guys thought of it? Is it worth a playthrough? Sent from my...
  10. Gers

    Cloud Strife Sig and Avy Request

    Massive Final Fantasy fan and after rocking Itachi's brilliant Vincent Valentine Sig and Avy for the last few months, I fancy a change. I'm looking for someone to do me a Cloud Strife sig and Avy Would like the avy to be 240x240 and the sig to be 520x180 Here is a pic I've found for the...
  11. Gers

    Breath of Fire General Discussion Thread

    These threads seem pretty popular so thought I'd make one to talk all things Breath of Fire. Have just started BoF III and first impressions are pretty good. It has an old-school turn based battle system which I like. You can examine enemies and doing so you can learn enemy abilities, like...
  12. Gers

    RPG Recommendations

    Ok having never heard of Legends of Dragoon, I decided to play it and on disc 4 now I have to say I am loving it and can't believe I didn't hear if it at the time! Now that beings me to this thread, are there any other under-rated or obscure RPGs from the PS1 or PS2 era that don't get the...
  13. Gers

    If you could change 1 thing in Blops 2 what would it be?

    As title says what the 1 thing u'd change or get rid of completely if you could? A Blops 2 Room 101 if you like Personally I would rid the game of the Target Finders. I fucking hate getting in to a killstreak just to be shot by some NOOB head-glitching with a target finder!
  14. Gers

    The Legend of Dragoon General Discussion Thread

    Plan to start this game for the first time in a few weeks when I'm on holiday. Anyway didn't really hear of this game at the time when it was released. Having read a little about it, it seems the game has turned in to a cult classic, so I started this thread to get people's opinions on the...
  15. Gers

    Error Code 80010514 and Ejecting Noises

    Started around a month ago, was in the middle of playing WWE 13 and it froze. So i turned the ps3 off and on again, and the error code appeared when trying to start the game up. Since then it has worked fine for a few weeks but then started up again, same error code but this time with black...
  16. Gers

    Chrono Trigger General Discussion Thread

    Following the relatively popular Final Fantasy GDT that I made, I thought I'd make a thread about Chrono Trigger. I have never played this game but bought it on the PS Store few weeks back and want to know what peoples opinions of this game is. Also I will be playing this game very soon and...
  17. Gers

    Football (Soccer) Betting Tips

    With the new season just around the corner, thought i'd make a thread where people can leave there betting tips for the world of football! To start us off, who does everyone think will win the EPL this season? And who giving the best odds?
  18. Gers

    Broken Sword Discussion

    Recently bought Broken Sword on the iOS, and remembered the hours of fun and great characters from the ps1 version. So whats everybody else's thoughts? Did you enjoy the game? Any memorable characters? Any favourite moments? Or areas you just couldnt get past?