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  1. Speedy-Mcspeedz

    NFL Thread

    Yeah, the league is divided and very well dug in as far as opinion on the Patriots. Al Michaels has always jumped to their defense. Mainly because he's friends with Robert Craft. Personally I'm tired of just hearing about them for whatever reason so much, year after year :/
  2. Speedy-Mcspeedz

    [OT] Monster Hunter World

    I'm probably going to gamefly this one. I've watched other people play over the years and I gotta say it's always got my interest. Now that it's a console game I think I'll finally bridge the gap. If it's as good as everyone says it is then Capcom is doing great work in recent yrs.
  3. Speedy-Mcspeedz

    Shadow offers GTX 1080 gaming power via the cloud

    This is probably the wrong place to ask. But I'm about to join the master race with a budget of only about 1000. Where can I get the most bang for my buck
  4. Speedy-Mcspeedz

    Will there be any more Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games?

    I've never really been into skating games, but I do remember playing Tony Hawks proskating 1 or 2. I think there's definitely a market for it. I think there should be a wider range of genres in today's gaming. But what I think won't make a difference if every developer goes after triple A...
  5. Speedy-Mcspeedz

    [OT] Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (10/10 - PSU)

    True that, and while I'm sure it's not necessary I'd still like to play one of the previous entries before I pick this one up. I'll have to decide one of the ten lol.
  6. Speedy-Mcspeedz

    GT6 servers to close next year

    To be honest I didn't even realize it's been out that long lol. 3 yrs is usually the length of MMOs that get an replaced/updated. 5 yrs is like the minimum for most console games. There are exceptions to both. Killzone 2 and 3 are apprantly coming down soon next year.
  7. Speedy-Mcspeedz

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Im not sure. There's a new thread about it now. It's definitely sudden imo.
  8. Speedy-Mcspeedz

    GT6 servers to close next year

    I thought it was rather quick as well. Most servers stay up for 3 or even 5 yrs. They must be trying to pull people to the next installment.
  9. Speedy-Mcspeedz

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Be quick, I heard the gt6 online servers are going down in March
  10. Speedy-Mcspeedz

    [OT] Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (10/10 - PSU)

    I've never really played any dragon quest games. Always wanted to but I just never got around to actually picking one up. But I know it's a well respected jrpg franchise. Maybe I'll give it a chance. But unfortunately when you have kids, job, wife etc, 80 hour rpgs can be a little hard to...
  11. Speedy-Mcspeedz

    DF: Star Wars Battlefront II XBX/PS4P/PC comparison

    Ps4-The scope of galactic assault while you play is great. It's full of great views that trigger nostalgia. Other things range from decent to good. Overall the consoles games look good even compared to PC. Too bad the game it's self is disappointing sorta empty at best and a complete sell...