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    Fortnite Battle Royale - No PlayStation Plus required

    There are up's and down's to everything and there's always a catch somewhere.
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    Celebrating 3 million PS VR systems sold

    PS VR is not that bad.
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    i have a question about PS4 App

    lol! I read it twice to make sure that I didn't miss the question.
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    Sony unveils the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro

    I might get this special edition for someone special hehe, if I get to snatch it lol.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 official gameplay video

    Hopefully it comes out on PC. I don't want to buy a ps4 or xbone just to play the 2nd part of a game I loved.
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    The Official "Show your recent purchases" Thread

    Sick TV last year I got LG 4K HDR and all the trimmings That is a sick TV I got an LG 49" or inches 4K UHD and all the trimmings last year 4K TV's are just on a different level *drools*
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    Another job

    Hey It's good to get things like this to get off your chest! Although I don't know much about the above but I wish you luck ;)
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    Got in an accident!

    Good to hear that everyone's okay, I get frightened by even thinking about it.
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    Why next-gen consoles shouldn't focus on 'true 4K'

    Yeah I agree, cosmetics don't mean much to me.
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    Who thinks 2018 is the best year for games so far?

    Best year to know about the good games that will be with us by 2020 :P Anyways yes this year was better than a couple of them.
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    $400 for a gaming pc? Yay or nay

    What about the GPU :P I don't see that.
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    Madden NFL 19 Coming To PC For The First Time In A Long Time

    Woah time flew by so fast no? Good to see a new addition finally though since a lot has changed.
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    Google might be planning a game console

    While the competition as of now is too much, it will be waste of time and resources to do something like this.
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    Battlefield V minimum requirements

    I think I am all ready for the game, I am just so excited for it as I am when any addition to the battlefield series is launched. Although there are a few hiccups in the game as I have seen in the beta's but that will probably be fixed by the time I buy it. Since I never buy it on the release...
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    [Update: COMPLETE] The Lethal Fear Trilogy

    These look so good! The bugatti would've been cherry on the cake.
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    GENERAL Cyberpunk 2077 - Game of the Show

    Can't wait for the gameplay video, all I saw was impressions video which increased my anxiety levels lol
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    Post your Gaming Setup

    Hey your set up is actually really nice! I like it! I have very small one.