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    Petition: Implement Keyboard and Mouse support into ps3 games
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    Any BMX/Bike game?

    Skateboarding is just boring, is there one? Skate devs should make one.
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    Anyone used it before? success stories?
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    200sp + rep: help me get creator trophies

    I need 30 people to heart my 6 levelsby me: aptget and heart me as a creator. I will give everyone who does it 200sp + rep for this. comment your psu username after you beat the level. rate 5 stars too please. Thanks everyone
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    change psn name???

    is there anyway to do this? i hear they ccan change them
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    Gold Trophies

    Which games have the most gold trophies? I know terminator has 12 but what others have a lot?
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    warhawk help

    im trying to get trophy for having a full clan. can some people join my clan. ill help others get achievment too! leave psn name and ill invite you!
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    free stuff

    once has 70 followers. only 6 to go!
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    so i made a clan for myself and a couple friends who are getting a ps3 next week. i stupidly signed up for a 1v1 tournament on the 5th while im out of town. does anyone want to join the clan and play in the tournament?
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    Easiest Games to Plat (poll)

    Post what you want in the poll if its not already there and i will add it.
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    Official: Sony debunks FW3.0 rumors Added quote tags to the article & provided the link, something that should be done when posting articles from other sites. ~ Lethalmind
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    Private Bittorrent Trackers

    Are you a member of any, if so then which ones?
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    FS: Windosill Game Activations

    I have 8 extra Windosill activations. Make offers. SP?
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    Report User

    I got scammed out of 2 icons here. there should be somewhere to report him
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    White PS3 Controller - $35 + FREE SHIPPING an offer of $34.99 is automatically accepted. When i recieve mine in a couple weeks I'll post here! IT'S CHEAPER THAN THE BLACK ONES HERE!
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    Killzone Boosting HELP

    I want to get the top 1% trophy so would someone like to let me kill them 1000's of times tonight? add me on psn right now, aptget. i will do this for you next week
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    Looking for 1-4 people to split the cost of all the LBP DLC

    I plan on getting all of the DLC. For 2 people the cost will be: $39.50 For 3: $26.33 For 4: $19.75 For 5: $13.80 For all the DLC $13.80 is pretty cheap. who's in?
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    $10 Reward | Get me a plat on Drake's Fortune

    I've started it and had like 3% done when i sold if because i hated it. Now i am trying to get all plat's and want someone to do this for me. I will give you 10$ USD through paypal if you do this for me.
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    Easiest Trophy Games (Doesn't have to have a Plat)

    Im looking for PSN games or Games that a could rent and get all trophies within 10 or so hours.
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    Team Fortress 2 Clan

    I've started a PC Team Fortress 2 Clan for the Spring season which lasts until end of June. This is on MLG/Gamebattles. You must add PP to the beginning of you username if you do join. looking for about 11 people plus subs to join. Clan name is Piratpartiet Gaming after the Swedish Political...