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  1. Laddie13

    [Review] PSU Gives Red Dead Redemption 2 10/10
  2. Laddie13

    PSU Partners With Digital Fiasco

    We have some new and exciting news to share with you, Digital Fiasco is now part of the Playstation Universe family. Digital Fiasco produces shows and content about video games.
  3. Laddie13

    Let’s Get These Forums Started (Again)

    Hello! I’m Laddie and I’m an Associate Editor at Playstation Universe. I’m a big fan of forums, and have many years of experience moderating them, including the official Respawn Entertainment forums. Unfortunately, forums are kind of a dying breed, this one included, but I’m here to attempt to...
  4. Laddie13

    PSN Name Changes Are Coming

    One of the most requested features is finally coming to PSN, the ability to change your user name!
  5. Laddie13

    Borderlands Coming To PSVR

    Holy heck this is exciting, and it comes out later this year!
  6. Laddie13

    Interview With Chuck Wilson From Respawn I did for PSU

    I recently got to chat with one of Respawn Entertainment’s dev about his band Laden and of course video games.
  7. Laddie13

    Titanfall 2 Community Game Night

    I started moderating the official Respawn Entertainment Forums back in 2011 up until they shut them down in 2016. I’m still mod at the official Titanfall forums but they aren’t as glorious as the old Respawn forums were. I started a community game night which was recognized and often dropped in...