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    NFL Thread

    2019 NFL Draft was delicious!
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    Birthday Purchase

    Go for it!
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    [OT] Final Fantasy XV

    Oh my goodness, I know I am late to the party but I have just started playing this and it's really fun. It may be cliche, but I'm enjoying it.
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    Hello? Anybody here?

    Hello? Anybody here? Is there any members still active here?
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    Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day! What you going to get your mother or do with your mother this mother's day? We're going to have a Sunday dinner.
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    After years and years of trying, I finally lost . . .

    After years and years of trying this diet, this exercise, this daily, and etc. I've finally started to lose weight consistently. I started out 4 months ago at 258-260. Now I weigh 245 lbs! :D I drink a LOT of fluids, I watch what and how much I eat, and I exercise around 3-4 times a week. I...
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    Why is it raining so much?

    Does anyone here watch the weather sometimes? Is it just me or has it rained quite a lot this year?
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    Should I resubscribe to PlayStation Plus?

    So my PS plus expires this month and I am unsure whether or not to resubscribe. The reason why is because I am just very unsure of how to acquire my games. I'll explain it but I'm not sure it will make sense. I am afraid of going completely digital. You see if I spend $50 a year for free...
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    What was your first platinum trophy or have you ever earned a platinum trophy?

    I believe a platinum trophy is earned when you collect ALL the game's trophies, I believe that's right. Have you ever earned a platinum trophy? If you have, what was the first game you platinumed? I've never platinumed a game before. I tried to platinum Batman Arkham City but it was too hard.
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    When you get a promotion or a better job, what's the first thing you buy?

    When you get a promotion or a better paying job, what's the first thing you buy with your first big paycheck? New car? Save for a house? Go out and get drunk? :cool:
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    Who do you think the "Arkham Knight" is?

    My bet is on Damayan Wayne. :D
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    Have you seen the new 2016 Ford Lincoln Continental?

    Remember the Ford Lincoln Continental from the 1960's and 1970's? Well, it's back for 2016. 3 questions: 1. Do you like it? How does it compare to the old continental? 2. Will it even touch the legacy of the 1960's and 1970's continental? 3. Would you buy it? Me? I love it! As...
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    Would you eat a butt cake?

    Would you eat a butt cake?
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    Prove to me there isn't a God and I'll prove to you there is a God

    I'm bored and I feel like making this kind of thread. My religion is not christianity, but I do have a religion nonetheless. My religion falls into the "spiritual" category and could be considered pagan compared to christian. So the discussion will be to prove there is no God or supernatural...
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    Do you have SP? Are you willing to gamble on the gender of Kate Middleton's child? Would anyone be willing to bet 100 sp on the gender of the baby? When the baby is born, the winner would get 100 sp from everyone who bet. :D
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    Can anyone help? My PS4 will not open PS Store

    Hello everyone who frequents the PS4 section. I have a big problem with my PS4. I bought a Last of Us Bundle and no matter what I do this PS4 will not open PlayStation Store. It does let me sign into PSN and connects to the internet. When I run an internet test, it says the download speed is 3.2...
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    University of Oklahoma severs ties with frat after racist chant What do you think? Do you think that black people might be justified in using the race card after all this?
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    What makes a "nice butt"?

    Ever since I was 13 years old, people have told me I have a nice butt. The doctor and someone the other day said "[insert name] has a nice butt." "she sure does." Guys will look at my butt a lot. Girls will say, "I like your shape." I love what I see in the mirror, but it seems that other...
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    Any Adults Still Like Candy?

    Do you still like candy? What's your favorite? I love snickers and hard candy like skittles wild berry.
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    Why is it wrong to accept help and money from the government?

    I read this article right here: Republicans or conservatives say you should work and earn your way, and once you get on top you stay on top because the Republicans pass bills and...