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  1. Fenix

    [OT] Final Fantasy XV

    Not sure how I feel about the $50 royal ediition. For a first timer it's great.
  2. Fenix

    Games that give you a wallpaper as a trophy

    Bloodborne gives a theme for Platinum as well. ..I think The Last Guardian also. Chances are you'll have to contact Sony to get 'em though.
  3. Fenix

    Anyone get these PS4 gifts from Sony for the Holidays

    Instead of "can we buy it?" it should be "Why don't they just PM all PS users a code to redeem it?" It's becoming a running joke that I never get the playstation newsletters that matter. But I'll sure as shit get the EUs "Here’s the latest State of Play" emails.. the sad part is, I'm not even...
  4. Fenix

    Sony sends out not so good gift to PS4 EU gamers

    At least people get emails from Sony. I stopped getting them awhile ago. :/
  5. Fenix

    Anyone playing Assassin's Creed Origins?

    Yeah I've played 'em. The folks talking just seem so bored on most of 'em and outside the ones that mention Desmond I honestly don't care. lol
  6. Fenix

    Anyone playing Assassin's Creed Origins?

    Been playing it on and off since release. It's one of my top 3 AC games; the other two being 2 and 4. I dislike those tombs with the mechanism things, half the time I'm not sure what the hell they are on about. lol Going for the "Old Habits" trophy is honestly a pain in the ass. I can barely...
  7. Fenix

    Best way to hook up a router to another router?

    Not PC gaming related but I wasn't sure where else to put it. What is the best way to hook a router to another router? I live in a farm house that's been made into two "apartments", and now I more or less have the entire place. Downside? The front half doesn't get wifi signal and running cords...
  8. Fenix

    Anyone here use external on PS4 now that we FINALLY can?

    Getting tired of playing "delete a game to install a game" and itching to buy a 4 TB Seagate Backup Plus for $139.99. Before I do so, does it work good? Is 4 Tb too much or am I better off with the $99.99 2 TB?
  9. Fenix

    Does any place sell custom case fans? Or Blue-White LED ones?

    Had a blue LED case fan go and I think another is going soon - need to take it out and look it over. My white LED on the GPU is really growing on me, and I'd honestly prefer to go all white, but unfortunately my ram has blue LEDs on it so that wouldn't really work. Does anyone know of any case...
  10. Fenix

    PC freezes with a buzzing/looping sound, any tips?

    Seems I can't go long without feeling stupid. I assumed this was a HDD issue and naively put it off since it appeared not to be good in CrystalDiskInfo. Well after cloning it to a 'good' drive the freezing with sound happened while I was off watching TV. Not sure if it was at screensaver or shut...
  11. Fenix

    Pokemon Sun, Moon - which are you getting?

    Got both preordered cause I wasn't sure and, for once, I'm having a really hard time deciding which to keep. I kind of prefer some forms of Pokemon Sun pokemon, but Moon has the more unique looking Legendary and it's Ultra Beast (whatever those are) doesn't look like a muscled up cockroach. No...
  12. Fenix

    So uhh.. did I do alright picking parts?

    Hey all it's been awhile. Had a storm a week or so ago and it took out my internet radio, router, computer-specifically the motherboard (after many, many tests), and my mouse (Don't understand how but hey, it doesnt power on now. lol). Been meaning to upgrade for many years anyways since the...
  13. Fenix

    Anyone know of any good places in Canada to fix Vita camera?

    So, apparently my Vita's camera is broke. I used it a day or two ago and had to charge it and went to use it today and suddenly it doesn't work (Error C4-2323-0; which google tells me is a hardware error) I'm like 45 mins from Peterborough, Ontario. Anyone know of a place that repairs Vita's...
  14. Fenix

    Dungeon Traveler 2 - worth it?

    Got playing this games demo out of boredom and, besides all the lameass awkward fan service crap, I'm really enjoying it. Anyone here play it and know if the full game is worth the $55 CAD? Will be my first Vita game I buy. lol
  15. Fenix

    Looking at buying/making a new computer...

    Been thinking about saving money and buying/putting together a new computer. As I looked around I stumbled across THIS thing. Does anyone know if I could make something as good, if not better, for cheaper? Only things that are a "must have" for my next computer is a lot of ram - I...
  16. Fenix

    LTE Internet comparable to Cable?

    Have to move but sadly the only place I found is slightly outside town which means no Broadband/Cable. Which I don't understand since I'm only like 30 ft from the road.. but whatever lol Anyways, how does LTE Internet compare to Cable? I've always had Cable internet but where I'm going it's...
  17. Fenix

    Do the memory cards ever go on sale? Jesus.

    Been waiting a year now for a decent sale on a memory card, but that's yet to happen. Have they EVER gone on a decent sale? Not about to throw out like $30 to double my space, or $70 for a 32.. that's just crazy.
  18. Fenix

    You know what game is addicting?

    Freaking Destiny of Spirits. Sadly it's got alot of "F2P" parts such as: -15 minute wait if your Spirit dies in battle, -30 minute wait to regain a "Raid Point" (Used to battle the Raid Boss) -Regain Spirit HP every 5 mints (Or 10 Destiny Orbs) -30 Destiny Orbs for "advance summoning", or...
  19. Fenix

    Anyone know where to find the Final Fantasy X | X-2 Remaster Cover?

    So I got sent the Limited Edition with the goofy Artbook Packaging, but I want to put the game into a spare PS3 case. However I'm having no luck finding the Full Cover (Front, side, and back) so I can print it off so it looks legit. Anyone know of any sites that usually host Full Game Covers...
  20. Fenix

    Does any game use the Vitas "Second Screen" option?

    Find it rather annoying.. I was under the impression before i bought it that this option was used. (Especially with AC4, but that seems to not be the case) So are ANY games using the Second Screen option? (Note; NOT the remote play option)