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    NFL Thread

    The 2019 draft wasn't bad at all. How all y'all teams doing. We gotta keep this thread and PSU alive, lol
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    When are you too old? When will you stop?

    Yeah, you should play and do whatever you want until you don't anymore. Gaming is for sure a casual hobby for me now, but I do think I'll dabble in gaming all my life. Like now, I have a switch that I've played a handful of times, but I still got it because I'm a gamer at heart even if I'm not...
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    The VCR is officially dead

    But PSU will forever be in the hearts of many. Forever da real
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    GENERAL The Division 2 - E3 Gameplay Walkthrough

    Add me on PSN!
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    The Division 2 Announced!

    My soul is ready for this game.
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    GENERAL The Division 2 - E3 Gameplay Walkthrough

    Glorious. It releases on my birthday. Hope its fun and that the darkzone is even more fun
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    Help me help myself!

    Just recently bought me a 4K TV (TCL '55 6 series for those wondering. P.S - It's a godlike TV) and I'm thinking about upgrading my PS4 to a Pro. Been weighting the options and I don't know what to do. Since Sony got that 'day of deals' coming up and the Pro being $350, I'm thinking I should...
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    Sony E3 2018 press conference dated, features "deep dives" on Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, The Last of Us Part II

    I don't ever get excited to see games, but I'm actually looking forward to seeing Ghost of Tsushima. I hate almost everything with gaming these days, but this peaked my interest. Hope its all-world!
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    The Official "Show your recent purchases" Thread

    TCL 6 Series 4K HDR '55 TV Super hyped! It's such a great TV. So glad I waited instead of getting the last year model. This one is better than last years model and packed with a few more goodies. #yessuh
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    [Update: COMPLETE] The Lethal Fear Trilogy

    That's pretty cool, @Vyse
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    New E3 section for E3 2018

    Ok, y'all fancy!
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    PlayStation Now adds first set of PS2 Classics to its lineup

    A shame that they got the classics behind yet another paywall. But even still good to see they're at least bringing them out for people to get in some form.
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    Your Computer?

    AMD FX 6300 six-core (Older than Leonidas, christ) 8GB Ram GTX 1060 (3GB) WD 1TB Want to upgrade the CPU, but not sure to go to Ryzen or I7 Also want to upgrade RAM and buy a SSD. Eventually though. I got too much sht going on.
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    What game have you put the most time into this gen?

    Street Fighter V Because you can never put a time limit on giving out the hands!
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    Went and bought another Xbox One

    Don't know why I decided to buy another Xbox One (This time a One S) even though I didn't play the first launch one I had. I guess I wanted the 4K look when I eventually buy a 4K TV. Anyway, what the hell is there to play on this thing? I plan to buy Forza 7 this week or next week, but outside...
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    You're the man, @Vyse !

    You're the man, @Vyse !
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    We miss Noxia! The man! Happy New Year, pimp!

    We miss Noxia! The man! Happy New Year, pimp!
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    NFL Thread

    Teryl Austin would be a HUGE hire for the Pack if they could finesse him away from Detroit. The Ravens and Steelers game was a great game. I just hate that Dean Pees sucks at his job. Not excusing the secondary from getting dealt with, but its Dean Pees job to put them in a position to succeed...
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    NFL Thread

    What a disappointing season for the Baltimore Ravens. While I'm more than happy that the Dean Pees nightmare is over, I'm still salty my season ended that way, AT HOME. People should've been fired!
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    Oh no excessive gaming is now a mental disease, my gosh we're all mental

    I just love how stupid the world continues to become. It really is enjoyable watching the stupidity, but then I realize that one day I'll be old and have to rely on these said stupid people. That's when it gets scary! Christ almighty...