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  1. adzzz man

    Dragonball z fighterz , Who is getting this beautiful game!!!! ✌️✌️

    Guys just wanted to make a thread where we can discuss the game and add each other. I haven’t seen any threads yet so yeah, who is pumped and if you are getting it add me psn: loopoiuu
  2. adzzz man

    Thinking of getting a switch

    Hey guys just wanted to get some advise thinking of getting one in May my b-day ?. Do you guys think the price will drop by then or at least better bundles?
  3. adzzz man

    Just started playing Bloodborne and damn!!!!!

    Guys I know I’m late but I just want to say the game is freaking awesome. I’m new to the dark soul series so I’m finding it a tad bit hard. I played nioh before trying this beast out and I’m thinking of throwing my console out the window lol. Any tips and advise to a newbie will be much...
  4. adzzz man

    GTA V online bounty

    Well as the title says I was just curious how it works so someone put a bounty on my head yesterday so now if I go into a session I come up as a red dot to everyone to get slaughtered lol ?
  5. adzzz man

    The fastest way I found to make money..

    I mean so I completed the game and now just money hungry lol so I came across this interesting video I mean it is spoiler free so enjoy :D
  6. adzzz man

    Next gen anime games should really do well...

    I mean games like DBZ and Naruto can really take advantage of the next gen I mean bigger environments, more fluid animation and much more. I just hope the devs actually use up the full potential of the ps4.
  7. adzzz man

    What do you guys think of the leaked GTA V map?

    Well as the title says also I didn't see another thread discussing this and if there is please admins take this down :) sorry for the link not enough points to post a picture yet
  8. adzzz man

    Has MGO been confirmed for any of the upcoming MGS games?

    Hey guys yeah I've been searching and well been quite pumped for any info on the new MGO I mean I reckon it was a great part of MGS4 and know it had a fan base with it but yeah any info guys? :D
  9. adzzz man

    vote for you chance to win a limited edition BF3 or MW3 :o
  10. adzzz man

    Do you guys think a new mgo will come with MGS Rising?

    i think they would have to for Xbox live but what your opinions?
  11. adzzz man

    Is just cause 2 worth £9.93??

    well im looking for a new game, from now till killzone 3 and i found just cause2 for quite a good price and i was just asking if its good?
  12. adzzz man

    Check this mini game play on Black ops. very good
  13. adzzz man

    check this knife throw on black ops quite lucky but awesome:cool:
  14. adzzz man

    UPular Remix i know many of you have heard this but i stumbled upon it a couple of days ago and i think its great.
  15. adzzz man

    New PlayStation 3 Bundles Announced looking good
  16. adzzz man

    SkateBoard Fail :lol::lol:
  17. adzzz man

    Mafia II Demo Coming In August

    Take-Two Interactive CEO Ben Feder announced during a quarterly earnings call on Tuesday that the 2K Czech developed Mafia II will be getting a demo come August. Mr. Feder said that “In August, 2K will launch a comprehensive demo program on Xbox Live Marketplace, PSN and the internet that will...
  18. adzzz man

    Do you think MGS:Rising will have a new mgo

    so what do you guys think. i really hope so, i love mgo but now it full of lag switchers. thats why i dont play it no more.
  19. adzzz man

    Win 2 games with

    just a heads up guys theres a draw going on at
  20. adzzz man

    japanese driver kid damn hes good:shock::shock::shock: