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    What do ya'll think bluepoint games is working?

    Hey, everyone, I would like your opinions on what you think bluepoint games is working on? ( sorry if this was already discussed.) Anyways, it's been confirmed that the next title will on the playstation 5. If I was on computer, I would post the teaser tweet they uploaded. Anyways, in the...
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    Sony & Nintendo combo package Do y'all think this will lead to them working together? I sure hope so
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    New York offers free college. * discussion How do y'all feel about this? Do y'all feel like free education is a Worthy investment? Or do you feel like people should pay for their own college? Personally I feel like...
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    I have a question

    Do y'all think it's possible that a draft could occur during this whole Syria ordeal?Honestly it has me a little worried since I'm thinking about going to college. They make you sign up for it. (I thought I did it when I was 18 but apparently not) Don't get me wrong, I respect the military that...
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    Square-enix announcement tomorrow

    Any ideas on what this may be? Edit: Sorry, didn't let me upload the photo. Also. Forgot my apostrophe lol
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    Could someone please edit this picture for me?

    Could someone please edit like a blue light coming from the pokéballs & perhaps pikachu & squirtle also? I don't need it as a SIG BTW. Thank you advance will rep all attempts by
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    I need help. Will rep.

    Okay, so I use my phone's portable hotspot sometimes to use an older phone of mine. Last month I used it but ran out of hotspot sharable data. I paid my bill & it refreshed. I connect with my other phone & it says connected. However, when I go to use it, it doesn't work despite being connected...
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    How to tag a celebrity on Facebook

    Do any of y'all know how? I tried using the @TheVeronicaTaylor but it didn't work.
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    So basically I went to Comic Con & while I was there I started to thinking about individuality. I just saw a bunch of people doing what they love. When I met Veronica Taylor she seemed so happy she does what she loves & I think life beats our passion out of us sometimes. My question is though...
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    I need a Pokémon edit :) will rep

    so I recently met Veronica Taylor. We took a picture with pokéballs in our hands. I was wondering if one of the many Talented designers could edit it & make it look cool. Thanks in advance if you can. Will post picture once confirmed since I'm not sure if it's allowed since it's not a sig or Any.
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    need help. update

    sorry for not responding. I have pics I want you to look at. I could post them but there's alot. Please visit my instagram to see them . Desiredadonis. I doshoutouts 4 fansigns. I want to make sure tHe writing is legit an 2 make sure the fansign wasn't cropped into their hands. Please check and...
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    please I need help. will rep

    I need someone to inbox me, who can indentify a photoshopped pic. Please. Will rep
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    Need help. will rep. Dropped my laptop

    Okay, so a few months ago I dropped my laptop. It fell near the hing. It didn't break the hand. The bottom cracked a little. What should I do? Rep will be awarded
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    is anyone having problems with their snapchat?

    I had my snap forever. Never had a problem but now I keep getting 403 but mostly can't connect to server.I can understand it sometimes but it comes on for a day and then its down again. Anyway I can remedy this? Are yours doing the same? Is the problem on their end
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    Oh no! I need please. Please

    I have an Lg phone, right? Okay, I was up on snap last night, Ifelt tired, so I fell asleep. I woke up and all my photos on my phone were about gone. I didnt delete any. Can I get them back or are they hid somewhere? Please help. Will repppp I need help please. I meant
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    I need some advice. Rep for all answers

    I know this a weird question but I need help with a hairstyle. I'm looking for something Brad pittish but I'm open to suggestions on anything. I really need help. Here's a picture
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    Can someone help figure the meaning of this song? Sorry if you don't like the song. I'm getting like three meanings from it. I want to know your opinions on it. I don't know if she's a free spirit that can't be held down. Another one is she having affair but she stills sees him at night and leaves...
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    Is the Nokia Lumia 1020 a good camera phone as they say?

    I was thinking of getting a Iphone, Samsung galaxy, or this phone. If the camera is good as they say, then I'll opt for the windows phone.
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    True story. Just happened to me. LULZ.

    So i'm just sitting, thinking about life, and I have a sense of urgency to take a leak. I'm a very lazy person when It comes to going to the bathroom. I decide to pee out the backdoor. What's the worst that can happen? So I whipped about my very tiny, untanned, penis. I press a little so the pee...
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    I just want to share this with you guys. (Steve jobs)

    I know this isn't the greatest idea for a thread. It really just makes me realize things and I hope it inspires you even if it's a small contribution. This speech is edited from his stanford speech!