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  1. RedOrb_Collector

    See this Tech Demo? Sony Santa Monica has already surpassed it. According to Cory Barlog, their PS4 game currently already tops that. But on the other hand, he doesn't even expect it will be ready to reveal to the public by E3 2015! Which...
  2. RedOrb_Collector

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 e3 2014. PS4/PC. Out this year. This will be the game PS4 fans play until next year comes. That, is undeniably 'next gen'. A massive-scale hack n slash RPG with RTS elements that you can switch to on the fly. Also has towns and citizens to interact with...
  3. RedOrb_Collector

    Rate Sony's E3

    I will give it a D+. For reference sake, I gave MS conference a D. Sony's conference started out promising, hit a plateau where it was doing ok, and then plummeted with TV and video shit and ended by at least confirming that they have the best looking exclusive--by FAR--among any consoles out...
  4. RedOrb_Collector

    Zelda spin-off: Hyrule Warriors! That is awesome! Day one! I will get a Wii U on the same day this launches.
  5. RedOrb_Collector

    Shadow of the Beast This needs a thread, now. Reboot of a classic Amiga side-scroller that was noted for its state of the art graphics for the time and great music. I completely forgot about this franchise, and it seems Sony ended up owning it, Psygnosis was the...
  6. RedOrb_Collector

    Help Dart get into Playstation All-Stars! Read all of that! He was basically modeled and textured, probably even animated! Don't let him slip out of our fingers. I'm begging you, help me out here. Sony has spurned me...
  7. RedOrb_Collector

    Hohokum I am flabbergasted. It looks beautiful. The music is soothing as well. (Partly comes from an artist named Tycho, who belongs to a record label known as Ghostly International.) The older I get, the more niche my tastes seem to become, I'm loving all...
  8. RedOrb_Collector

    Is Insomniac finished?

    Not sure if this is the best spot to discuss it, but why not, lots of activity. Ok. Insomniac went fully independent of Sony, and their very first game outside of the Sony umbrella, Fuse tanked quite unceremoniously. And now their new game for the XBox One...what the hell was that? Sunset...
  9. RedOrb_Collector

    inFamous E3 Trailer. Personally, I thought this was the most impressive showing at E3. Though it was far too short for my tastes! The divebomb at the end...felt like a scene from Advent Children or something. Just jaw-dropping.
  10. RedOrb_Collector

    Sagas of Rivalry in Gaming

    I'm old enough to have witnessed Nintendo vs Sega, Sony vs Sega, Sony vs Nintendo, and now Sony vs Microsoft. Which was your favorite and why? For me, it would probably have to be Nintendo vs Sega, the Genesis and SNES were so evenly matched, with their various first party published games that...
  11. RedOrb_Collector

    Question about external hard-drives for PS3 use

    So I have a 120 gig PS3. Needing to clear space, but don't want to simply delete my stuff. Was wondering how an external hard-drive would work. I know you can't play your games from the drive, but if I copied my games over to it, how long would that typically take, likewise how long would it...
  12. RedOrb_Collector

    ScrewAttack Death Battle! Goku vs Superman. Have any of you guys seen this one?
  13. RedOrb_Collector

    If you like platformers, get Zack Zero This game is a real steal. Only $7.99. It's easily one of, if not the best looking downloadable only title I've seen. The action is fun, with plenty of powers to use, ranging from fire, ice, and earth variants, as well as some base attacks. The...
  14. RedOrb_Collector

    Sony. Make Believe. Thought this new commercial was awesome. Better than the Michael commercial. Wonder if its partly a hint at something down the line. :o
  15. RedOrb_Collector

    A possible fault with inFamous 2

    This needs to be addressed more, because I've seen next to no one talk about this: In all the videos I've seen so far in inFamous 2, I have not seen a single one where Cole is able to punch. In every single video, in everyone of them, melee has consisted of swinging around that absurd looking...
  16. RedOrb_Collector

    Amazing duel in the snow!

    YouTube - Ermine vs. Squirrel A stoat/ermine vs a ground squirrel. Holy **** they are fast. Couldn't help but lol at the absurdity. :lol:
  17. RedOrb_Collector

    Panda cub startles mother

    YouTube - The Sneezing baby panda I lol'd when I first saw this.
  18. RedOrb_Collector

    Michael Myers avy/sig request. 4000 sp + rep if able. basically my Legend of Zelda/Link request was a bust. :lol: So my next request will be a complete 180 both in terms of simplicity and theme. Make an avatar using this: Make a sig using this: That's it. Just make it look appropriate for Michael. And in the sig please have it say...
  19. RedOrb_Collector

    Legend of Zelda sig/avy request, 4000 sp + rep.

    Using these pics of Link for a sig: (Just use adult Link, and child Link if you have to for whatever reason) (no need to use Ganon, just Link) Anyway arrange them however you want, I'd prefer all three to be used but if you can't then I understand. I have no specific request, just make...
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    Murumasa: The Demon Blade. Beautiful screens.

    Looks beautiful! My only complaint is that the player sprites look a bit subdued compared to the colorful environments and enemies in some of the screens. Overall....this is just straight beautiful 2D wizardry.