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    Your up-coming games!

    For me, I will get these games until May. I don't no what will come after June. ARC OF ALCHEMIST Hunt: Showdown DOOM Eternal One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Cyberpunk 2077 Trials of Mana The Last of Us Part II
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    I miss the old PS3!

    I don't know why it just happened. I miss the old fat PS3 like crazy! I bought a silver fat PS3 from Japan and it's coming. I'm planning on getting a black fat PS3 as well loool. I remember at night cleaning my fat PS3 60GB model and it was so clean. I regret now that I sold it. It died on me...
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    Does anyone cross the border?

    Yesterday I came back from USA Chicago to Canada and finished attending my cousin funeral. That stupid girl at the border asked me if I have anything. As I always I say I have only 2 cheese that is worth only 60 dollars. She closed her window and after 10 seconds. She tells me I wil let you in...
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    Playing Medievil again!

    I remember playing this game way back and it bring back memories dam! I used to be at my room at night alone and playing Medievil running around, collecting stuff, trying to find my way, and killing the bad boss. I chose Medievil over the new Call Of Duty and refused to get it from my cousin looool.
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    My Xbox One X will be on fire tonight!

    It has been a while since I went crazy with games and tonight it will happen! I already texted my boss telling him I don't feel well loool. I got Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3! I will play little bit Re2 and than Kingdom Hearts 3.
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    Everyone should get God Of War!

    This game is beyond words to describe it, and it's an incredible! Imagine if the developers had more video ram, better cpu, gpu, and see the results! I don't no where to start. Just get this an amazing game and feel the technology and amazing story. I am playing on my Pro the graphics are...
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    Who is going to get PS4 Pro God Of War bundle?

    It looks great and I will get that bundle and just add it to my collection I will not open it loool. I already put 400 down for it not much left anyone else getting that?
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    Short review for FarCry 5!

    I have been playing this game now for over 3 hours and the game is an amazing. The story is great, the map is big, very big to explore, lot's of stuff to do, graphics are great, the environments are well detailed, the cut scenes are incredible looking like real, and overall I would say is great...
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    I told Sony to start working on remake for syphon filter 1 and 2!

    I have sent a direct tweet to Shuhei Yoshida on twitter and live chat as well telling them to start working on a remake for syphon filter 1 and 2. I was so pissed and the person said he will deliver the message lool.
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    Got in an accident!

    Cannot believe it and I'm so mad and pissed. One son of bitch from the right lane on the highway standing in an exit lane jumps on my lane while I was close to him I changed my lane to the left side a little bit trying to avoid him. My blind spot detection didn't give me no warning and all the...
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    Got my white PS VITA!

    Oh my God! I missed my vita so much and I got the white model slim model from Japan. I started redownloading all my games and playing games on my vita again. I uploaded the images here.
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    Finally my ass got fixed!

    Oh my God! After 3 years and 8 months. On November 7, I had a surgery to remove my hemorrhoids and I thought there won't be any pain after and the surgery took 1 hour but there is a volcano in my ass burning like hell! I haven't had enough sleep maybe for more than 5 hours straight as the pills...
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    Assassin's creed origins an amazing game!

    I haven't had the chance to post but I have been playing the game since Tuesday. The area is very big, lots of items to collect, lots of collectibles, graphics are great, game-play is smooth, and its an enjoyable game! I would give this game 8 or 9 and its totally different AS game than the...
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    Cant connect to wifi 2.4 channel?

    My wireless router is ASUS RT-AC88U and it used work fine until past 5 months. The white led lights is on and the wireless name it does appear but I am not not being able to connect to 2.4 channel at all with all my devices. I have searched for a answer or to find a solution but didn't find. Any...
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    [OT] Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

    Its good game I would say. Graphics are good, game-play is good too, big areas to explore, lots of stuff collect, big tree skill to upgrade, and enemies looks the same with different captains to kill as the first one had. Overall, its not bad game and I would give it 7/10.
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    Got my Xbox One S Minecraft edition!

    I have added the system to my collection it looks great and I won't be opening it at all. ;)
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    My short review of Uncharted The Lost Legacy!

    Oh my God! The game looks incredible great like Uncharted 4 and this time my best character of the series is back Chole. The levels are great well detailed, smooth game-play, effects at night are incredible looking, lights, moon, explosions, signs lights, and buildings as well. Even the clothes...
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    My short review of Agents Of Mayhem!

    I have been playing it for 2 hours and its really a great game. The game has smooth game-play no delays at all when the main character is moving, jumping, shooting, melee, graphics are really good, the city extremely large, big environment to explore, lot's of collectibles to collect including...
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    I miss the old PS3 PSN store?

    I enjoyed, loved it so much, played an amazing games, and had great online experience during the PS3. Nothing to compare to the shit PS4 that I barely touch now. I remember every week I used to spend minimum around 15 dollars on items from the old store and by the second year that the PS3 was...
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    A question about the ram?

    I want to buy this mother board X299 AORUS Gaming 3 (rev.1.0) and I want CORSAIR Vengeance LED. In the supporting list it says it support CMU32GX4M4C3000C15 which is the 32gb but I don't want 32 GB for now and I want 16 instead. But the item number is different and it's not showing it in the...