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    Skyrim VR Skyrim is hitting PSVR. I'm excited. Despite a slow launch, this is a good year for VR fans like me. Farpoint, Bridge Commander, and Skyrim.
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    Ad-based redirect

    I just had an ad redirect me to a purchase page after I clicked "Forum" on the main PSU page. If that was the advertiser's fault, I'd get new advertisers. That's not cool. It's that "Sexy Brutale" ad.
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    Still waiting for Youtube 1.9

    Who has the 1.09 update for youtube on PS4 (that brings PSVR support with 360 videos)? I saw news about it and got really excited, but it still won't download. Still stuck on 1.08. Some even say they're stuck on 1.07. Does anybody here have it?
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    Brought PSVR to a party

    A friend and I brought our PS4s + PSVRs to a party. It was a huge success, except for one girl who got really angry at her fiance for playing and complained loudly "WHY DO BOYS LIKE VIDEO GAMES!?" which made me a bit angry, especially since the sex distribution was pretty even that night, and...
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    My livestream of VirZoom

    Check out this game! It has a bike attachment, so I'm sure I'm not getting the full experience, but this should give you an idea. EDIT: No one? Really? Also, why won't this link turn off? Trying to select the text unlinks everything, not just...
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    First long-ish experience?

    I love the PSVR, but I want to see some LONG games. Maybe a 3rd person (a la bot rescue) Cutesy RPG or something, so it doesn't have to be an expensive game, just long and varied enough to get some time in the game. So far, the longest experience on it is Here They Lie at ~3 hours, unless...
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    Camera / system issue

    My games were working flawlessly for hours, but suddenly, I started getting horrible jerkyness with my camera. I did the image check thing with all my lights out, and all that showed up dark were the headset and the controller. However, I moved my controller, and I noticed the video itself...
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    Here they lie

    So, despite having a weird even blurrier than normal thing going on, I loved the Here they Lie demo. It is painfully slow, and you get no weapons, but I think later on in the real game, it speeds up (probably still get no weapons... just the kind of game it is) I love this kind of trippy stuff...
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    Most anticipated / least anticipated VR games:

    So, after E3 2016, I saw a lot more of the PSVR offerings and I thought I'd give my most and least anticipated games. Robinson. Because dinosaurs Arkham VR. It's not exactly a mainstream Arkham game, but it doesn't need to be. It lets you be Batman. X-Wing. Do I need to explain this? Star...
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    Can't edit my signature?

    So, in "About Me" I can edit pretty much everything, and LOOK at my sig, but I can't change it. Where do I go to edit the sig now? In the mean time, old fashioned fake sig: _____________________________________ Bypassing region lockout is not theft. Unlocator and Unblock-us are not crimes...
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    Price of PS4 games? I really hope these are just placeholder prices. This is WAY too much money. This is basically Japanese prices, and for context, a new bluray movie in Japan often...
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    Getting on PSN from Asia... an idea?

    So the Asian servers are in Japan, and Japan won't let Sony back on yet. When people didn't want to upgrade firmware or when they wanted to get online with CFW, they would put their own DNS and maybe proxy servers in the network settings. Is it possible for Asian users to do this with the...
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    What is "Playview"? I looked it up on the Japanese playstation store, and it shows 4 things. One of them is Monster Hunter Portable G, listed as "PS3" What exactly does this mean? Can you play a PSP game on your PS3? Is it, like, a secondary purchase that lets you play that particular PSP game...
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    "Purchasing" demos.

    So I get a message from my mom on facebook saying "Don't you ever do anything but play videogames?" I figure that's because of a bunch of messages about demos I've gotten, but the truth is I've had maybe a half an hour a week of gaming time. Well, in addition to that, I also got an email about...
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    All PS3 fans should pester Bulletstorm creators for MODS on PS3 Anyone who made use of mods on UT3 knows they were the ONLY reason to play the game. We should all post comments on the Bulletstorm facebook asking for Mod support. Don't spam, of course. Legitimately comment on the article and then say "Mods on PS3...
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    New PSEye Game, not Move? THis was ignored and it looks AWESOME. Ignore the video's title. There's no mention of move in the video. No mention, no use, no real room for it in fact. This looks pretty nifty, and has a lot of potential. It may be the last pure Eye game to be released, but if this is handled properly...
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    Got banned from Kotaku for saying tl;dr This guy posts these super long articles. I remember once he posted about how much he hated Japan, and it was about half that length. In any case, I scrolled down this one and found something he'd said about getting off...
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    If Sony wanted to give folding incentives

    Have you get trophies for WU's. 500 WU could earn you a platinum. 50 could be a bronze. 100 could be another bronze 175 for a silver 250 for another silver 350 for a gold 500 for the last gold. Folding is a worthwhile cause. Why not give people incentive to do it?
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    Happy New Year

    So it's been 47 minutes since 2010 started for me. I celebrated it by counting down with facebook statuses and watching Everybody Hates Chris on FoxLife. Yeah... What are other people doing for New Years?
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    Gamefly refunded me!

    Some of you know I moved to Korea to become an English teacher here for a year. So I check chase today to find a charge for almost 50 bucks. This, after a charge for 17 bucks AFTER I canceled my account (since I was moving to Korea, and all) Well, turns out their server must have glitched...