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  1. Lethal

    Just Cause 4 - WTF did they do to this game??

    I have always loved the Just Cause series. JC2 is probably my favorite of them all. JC3 was pretty good as well and I was so excited for JC4. That is until I started playing it.... The graphics seem to have gotten worse. I am playing on the One X and the pop-ups in this game are terrible...
  2. Lethal

    March Playstation Plus games are pretty sweet

    Looks like Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank will be the main "free" games of the month. I enjoyed both games very much and got the platinum trophy in both as well. These are 2 of the finest games the PS4 has to offer in my opinion...
  3. Lethal

    Top 10 best selling PSN games in US/EU

    2017's Best-Selling PS4 Games On PSN In The US Call of Duty: WWII Destiny 2 Friday the 13th Horizon: Zero Dawn Grand Theft Auto V NBA 2K18 Rocket League Minecraft Madden NFL 18 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands 2017's Best-Selling PS4 Games On PSN In Europe FIFA 2018 Call of Duty: WWII...
  4. Lethal

    Bought the new HDR Playstation VR pass-through unit

    Today my Skyrim Playstation VR bundle arrived and it is a little different than the original model. 1. This unit supports HDR pass-through so you do not have to keep unplugging and swapping HDMI cables to enjoy HDR games on your PS4. 2. There is now just a single cable going from the VR...
  5. Lethal

    Accounting + (Hilarious game!!)

    Finally got around to playing this today and I had no idea how funny this game was going to be. The title sounds so boring but it is nothing like you would expect.
  6. Lethal

    The best PS4 theme ever!!!!!!!!

    Would you kindly shut up and take my money!
  7. Lethal

    Anyone playing Assassin's Creed Origins?

    Is anyone playing this? I absolutely can not get enough of this game. I have put in 50 hours so far and still have a lot to do. This is also one of the most beautiful open world games I have ever played. This game also does an amazing job of delivering information about the Assassin's Creed...
  8. Lethal

    What Black Friday deals did you get?

    So far I have only bought a few things. 1. Amazon Echo Dot - $29.99 2. Doom (One X) - $15 Target 3. Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4) - $15 Target 4. Knack II (PS4) - $15 Target 5. Prey (One X) - $15 Amazon 6. Wolfenstein 2 (PS4) - $25 Gamestop
  9. Lethal

    Some 4K HDR footage I recorded from the One X

    Man this One X is impressing me more and more. I love how I can hook up an external storage device and record 4K with HDR straight to the device. Unfortunately you can not edit any 4K videos larger than 30 seconds, but this is okay since you can easily plug the external device to the PC and...
  10. Lethal

    Star Wars Battlefront II - Xbox One X pictures

    I captured these today on my Xbox One X.
  11. Lethal

    My top Xbox One X games

    Here are my top 5 games to play on the Xbox One X as of right now. 1. Halo 5 - Holy shit this game is absolutely incredible on the One X. Everything about this game is better on the X. Frame rate is smoother, resolution is sooooooooo much more clear. Especially things in the distance. This...
  12. Lethal

    Xbox One X tear down - Vapor chamber is not liquid cooling

    For some reason many people think the console is liquid cooled. Well that would be impossible to achieve. For starters the liquid would need to be refilled often. No radiator or pump either. Anyways, the tear down shows off how nicely Microsoft packed everything in to this case...
  13. Lethal

    [OT] Gran Turismo Sport
  14. Lethal

    Dead Rising 4 comes to PS4 on December 5th

    There’s a real buzz around Capcom Vancouver these days as the whole team are super ultra excited for the announcement of Dead Rising 4 on the PS4. Hey, guess what, that’s what this is! We’re bringing Dead Rising 4 to the PS4! DR4 on PS4. It just sounds perfect together, right? However, as much...
  15. Lethal

    Console ranks by FLOPS

    I found this pretty interesting. Original Xbox surprised me the most. Console FLOPS Release Year Dreamcast 1.4 GFLOPS 1998 PlayStation 2 6.2 GFLOPS 2000 GameCube 9.4 GFLOPS 2001 Xbox 20 GFLOPS 2001 Xbox 360 240 GFLOPS 2005 PlayStation 3 230.4 GFLOPS 2006 Wii 12 GFLOPS 2006...
  16. Lethal

    Xbox One X proving difficult to hit native 4K

    Digital Foundry found some benchmark tests of the Xbox One X and some tests were quite nice, some of them showed the console struggling. These are early tests and are clearly not final. Still interesting to see this super console struggling at what Microsoft claims to be a 4K powerhouse...
  17. Lethal

    Downside to Xbox One X and no 4K TV?

    This does suck for people who do not have a 4K TV, or an Xbox One X. When the Xbox One X comes out, games will be very large in size because of the higher texture sizes. Forza 7 will be 100gb in size and you have no choice but to install the entire game whether or not you have an Xbox One X or...
  18. Lethal

    Huge thank you to F34R!!

    Not sure if many of you know, but my wife and I have 2 kids with autism. Anyways, my son had a fundraiser for his Autism Speaks fundraiser and F34R donated $100 and had the highest donation. James is fantastic person outside of this forum. He is dick on the forum though. :) Just wanted to...
  19. Lethal

    Ultra Street Fighter II

    I decided to pick up this horribly overpriced game today. I do like how I have the option to play both the original and updated version. The game is not bad but has the same slow down that the original SNES version had. You would think the new remake would not have this.... Here are some...
  20. Lethal

    Injustice 2

    First off I have to say this game is absolutely gorgeous! It runs in 4K and in HDR if you have the TV for it and a PS4 Pro. This game has quite a lot to offer. You can now level up each character individually and earn better clothes, gear, colors, weapons and more. I recorded a match with...