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    Editing posts

    Some forum sections or threads do not seem to allow editing of posts at all. I posted a response inthe thread linked below but wanted to add a couple of things but the edit button didnt show. Other sections...
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    How do I login on front page?

    I cant seem to find a login button on the front page to login using my keefy username.
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    Free Weekend - Rainbow Six Siege

    Go to steam to download and install the game for free all weekend, also there is 50% off if you want to buy it. Click the Green "Play game" button, it should launch steam (if you have it) then begin download.
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    Dirt Rally free weekend

    Free all weekend long and with a massive reduction of 70% off making it £12. Will be playing this for sure with my T150 wheel.
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    8 bit Bayonetta

    Its free so why not?
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    All 4 rant

    What a steaming pile of horse excrement. All 4 is channel 4 streaming catchup service but it doesn't work. It's just a platform for adverts because they play flawlessly, but the actual shows stutter and buffer, and God forbid you want to skip ahead to where you left off or know where the best...
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    Best router for online gaming

    IF you have been playing COD or Overwatch or Battlefield or whatever it may be and have suffered some ping spikes and stutters then this might be a video for you. It discusses 3 quite high end routers costing between €180-€207 and all their features. Unless on 56k then your download speed and...
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    Sherlock - Season 4

    UK - BBC One USA - PBS The Six Thatchers 1st January Sherlock waits to see where Moriarty will make his posthumous move. One mysterious case in particular baffles Scotland Yard, but Sherlock is more interested in a seemingly trivial detail. Why is someone destroying images of the late prime...
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    Christmas songs

    So listening to Radio 1 yesterday some golden oldies were playing that I consider to be proper Christmas songs that get me in the mood for Christmas. Do you have any favourites? Slade Wizzard Mariah Carey...
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    The division Free weekend on steam

    The division is free all this weekend, get it while you can. Go here then click "Play game" or "Play now" and it will begin the download.
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    Mouse input devices for consoles

    I do not know what else to call them is there a technical term for them? the likes of Xim etc. This is not about mouse versus controller that has been done to death on every other forum including this one its more about your views of using a mouse controller on a console. Do you...
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    AMD Zen sneak peak December 13

    I have an old AMD phenom 2 and it runs Battlefield one like arse in multiplayer, severe bottleneck, hopefully this new Zen architecture will not be a let down like their previous one and drive a price war ending in cheaper CPUs for all. More at the link...
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    Keyboards - Mechanical or otherwise

    I am in desperate need of a new keyboard, this Saitek Eclipse 2 is literally on its last legs (one has snapped off) and the "full stop" (period) key has failed meaning I have to use the one on the number pad. I like the look of some of the Corsair ones, but know very little about all this...
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    Assassins Creed II remaster

    This remaster remaking crap has gone too far.
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    Gaming chairs

    Why are most gaming chairs simply racing car seats with wheels? What makes them think a racing seat is comfy? Many of them even have the holes in the back for the seatbelts and also wings on the sides to stop you sliding out when cornering but all they do is push your shoulder forwards or...
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    Are Game still charging to demo VR?

    This is mostly for the Brits. According to a PSU news item Game are charging £15 to demo the VR systems in their stores, now this was back in October and I don't buy much if anything from Game these days so wondered if anyone had been...
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    Best unboxing video?

    I am not a fan of unboxing but this guy does it a little different.
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    Call of Doody!

    It seems the latest game is bombing on PC with a measly 11,000 players after only a couple of days according to Steam stats page. or Which muppet at Activision thought putting it on Windows store and making it incompatible...
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    Battlefield 1 problems

    A few days ago I cobbled together a budget system from spare parts. AMD Phenom II x4 955 @ 3.7GHz 8GB Corsair Vengence @ 1600 GTX 1060 3GB Gigabyte 970a DS3 motherboard Toshiba 1TB hard drive. Windows 10 64bit - Upgraded from Windows 7 The single player runs well, much better than I thought it...
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    Rugby Four Nations

    England Scotland New Zealand Australia Scotland vs Australia 12-54 England vs New Zealand 16-17 . Fixtures