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  1. The_One

    What are some PS Vita games with a really good story?

    For those of you who recognizes me, hello! Long time no see ;). For everyone else: hello there! Anywho, I have the PSV in my Amazon checkout basket, but not sure what to get with it. Right now I have the following in the cart along with the Vita: Gravity Rush Zero Escape - Virtue's Last...
  2. The_One

    80023102 Error when trying to purchase PSN+!

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY?! :bang: Okay, I know it's the first day of release, and I'm sure everyone is hammering your server left, right and center... But c'mon, lets get real--I can't even fund my wallet to purchase your Flagship new subscription service? Ugh. Anyone else...
  3. The_One

    How to pack a PS3 for a plane?

    I'm sure SOMEONE here must've had to move with a PS3 packed for a plane, ya? I'm heading over to Waterloo, Ontario from Vancouver, BC to work for RIM (practically flying across the country, it's a 5 hour plane trip, IIRC). Yes, I got a RIM job (Hehehe, pun intended :lol:). But in all...
  4. The_One

    The ultimate revenge on anyone's Ex

    :snicker Watch
  5. The_One

    You've never seen a XBox 360 20GB eBay for this price IT'S OVER 3000?!?!?!?!
  6. The_One

    Uncharted 2 "Back to Back" The Tournament -- Competitor's Lounge

    Chat with your fellow competitors or would-be competitors, as well as find potential partners to enter the "Back to Back" tournament! Wondering what this thread is for? Read this! (To those wannabe-Mods, yes, I already obtained permission from the Admin to have TWO threads dedicated to the...
  7. The_One

    Uncharted 2 "Back to Back" The Tournament (with prizes up for grabs!)

    - - - Preface: Hey guys, as some of you know, I'm a big UC2 online fanatic :). I decided to put up a Uncharted 2 tourney for the forums :). As the thread title states, there will be a grand prize. It will be an Amazon (.ca or .com, NO, unfortunately; nor any other region, for that...
  8. The_One

    Under Siege -- The next "Play.Create.Share" :)

    Yes, I know this game has been posted before, but that thread was last posted in January 2009, and I wasn't about to necro-bump something that old and stale. So I open with a new update on their dev blog: It's good to see that these devs have a sense of humour :lol...
  9. The_One

    Anyone still play Company of Heroes (online)?

    Just wonderin'... I placed an order for the game (for 7.49, including tax... Can't go wrong). Just wondering if anyone still plays this game online (just the original, no expansions)?
  10. The_One

    60GB PS3 turns off WITHOUT red/yellow/purple/blue/rainbow coloured lights.

    As the topic states, it's NOT the YLOD (it WILL turn on after I unplug the power cable and reconnect it). I'm thinking that it might be the PSU failing? A PC-related analogy would be a high-end CPU and GPU being run on a shoddy PSU, in which case instability in the PSU's ability to supply...
  11. The_One

    From the dude who brought you 199.99 40GB PS3s... (Canada only, again, unfortunately)

    ... comes the Winter blockbuster: 229.99 80GB PS3's! Again, before someone named "Taz" jumps in and stirs stuff up, let me re-iterate what I said before in the previous thread: THESE ARE DISCONTINUED MODELS. STOCKS ARE LIMITED (DUH)! Make no mistake, by the time I've posted this thread...
  12. The_One

    ND, is this what you meant by "Cross Game Chat"?!?! (Epic Lulz inside!)

    Alright, today, I think I finally found some PROOF that, indeed, Cross Game Chat is in the works--not only that, but ND are pioneering this movement by secretly adding it to their latest game, Uncharted 2, in a beta form! Let me begin by describing what happened earlier to two friends and I...
  13. The_One

    Save $5 on GoW collections. Buy from

    Linky:®_3/productdetail.aspx?c=ca&l=en&cs=cadhs1&sku=A3245880 For those in Canada planning on getting it ;). Btw, shipping from Dell is free :). (Note to US members: I checked and they don't even have stock for this product...
  14. The_One

    Send THIS chainmail to everyone on your friend's list! (Seriously)

    Alright, I got fed up with the crap chain-mail BS that's going on, and yesterday in an Uncharted 2 game, I actually had someone ask "IS IT TRUE SONY IS GOING TO MAKE US PAY FOR THE PSN?!" ... *Sigh* :bang: So I decided to make this up and lets see if it catches on and spread: Anyone...
  15. The_One

    PSP Go got a price drop? It's selling for 229.95 in Canada...

    I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if it did, after all, 249.99 was pretty hefty for a product that does what the PSP-3000 does, just in a smaller size factor and with bluetooth support. Anyways, here's where I found it (I don't think it's a sale, but if it is, and someone in Canada is reading...
  16. The_One

    Mushroom Wars! Who's got it? And Impressions?

    Mushroom wars look awesome... It reminds me of Galcon, which is an awesome little game made in Python ;) (that's a programming language, not a snake!). I'm planning on getting it, but with no reviews to go on, I'm just going to have to ask if anyone's already got it, and if so, how is the game...
  17. The_One

    Do EU PSOne games work on NA PS3/PSP?

    I reside in North America, but I have a EU account on my PS3 (it was mainly to download the WipEout dynamic theme :p), and I was randomly browsing the PSOne classic section and I found Theme Hospital (EPIC GAME!!), so I quickly went back to my own account an attempted to track it down in the NA...
  18. The_One

    SOLUTION to "Why does it take forever to get into a game?!one1!"

    Man, I'm sick and tired of seeing "Omfg, Naughty Dog better fix this" or "Omfg, Sony better fix up PSN" or "Wtf, takes forever to get into a game!1!one!" Little did you know, it's because of YOUR router settings (That, or your Internet connection is trashy like heck--but if this was the case...
  19. The_One

    PSU's Uncharted 2 "Players-With-a-Mic" Thread!

    Seeing as how Uncharted 2 has a lot of strategical depth when teamwork is involved in both the Competitive modes and the Co-op modes, I decided to start this thread in hopes of connecting Uncharted 2 gamers with headsets together with other like-minded Uncharted 2 gamers :). If you have a...
  20. The_One

    The "Official" List of PS3 Games that support LAN *Updated Sept.28*

    Hey guys, this thread is dedicated to being the definitive list of PS3 games and their LAN features. I will sort the games in different ways to facilitate exploration and ease of use, and if you have a game with LAN feature that I have no information for, PLEASE try it out and then post your...