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  1. Shingo

    Horizon Zero Down coming to... PC!! And more to follow

    Which means Gamepass is a success. Sony see this and doesn't want to let go another steady monthly sub service.
  2. Shingo

    Your up-coming games!

    2077 Last of Us 2 Watch Dogs Legion Dying Light 2 FF VII
  3. Shingo

    Rumor from Kotaku of Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC

    switch still count as successful. Sony upper floors are idiots if this gonna make them better.
  4. Shingo

    Rumor from Kotaku of Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC

    noting itself is enough but they all add up what makes a console great and one to be remembered. If ps games also goes to pc, they are gonna lose. Because they are the ones who gives GOTY contender everyyear, and ms on the other hand do this not even once.
  5. Shingo

    What do ya'll think bluepoint games is working?

    I believe its time for them to release their own game!
  6. Shingo

    Merry Christmas guys!

    Merry Christmas you all! <3 hope all we get best gifts one after another.
  7. Shingo

    Ghost of Tsushima

    except this shots taken from ps5, it looks A+++
  8. Shingo

    Google might be planning a game console

    We don't need another american in the market.
  9. Shingo

    Digital Foundry: Series X rewrites the rules of console design and power should be extraordinary

    It doesn't look bad, but there is nothing cool about it.
  10. Shingo

    TENET - Official Trailer / Christopher Nolan (July 17, 2020)

    A new inception is coming?
  11. Shingo

    What Black Friday deals did you get?

    how is it for gaming?
  12. Shingo

    Official "I Won't Be Around For A While" Topic

    I am checking once a week when I remember, I just wanna say, I miss you all guys, hope luck never leaves your side in real life!
  13. Shingo

    Count to 5,000 before a Mod or Admin posts!

    We have a whatsapp group still active shout it out to me if you wanna join.
  14. Shingo

    Your feelings about the film are fast and furious 9?

    it is the worst movie I have watched in years.
  15. Shingo

    Final Fantasy General Discussion Thread

    was just trolling hardcore mate.
  16. Shingo

    Rocksmith for ps4

    It is coming for ps4 as a relase game!!!
  17. Shingo

    Whats your fav browser based game?

    pewdiepie is 3rd class viner these days.
  18. Shingo

    Final Fantasy General Discussion Thread

    Zero taste of games sadly. Everything before xi is shit tier, series shines afterwards. Especially VII and VIII are the worst games of the entire genre.