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    Na I can toggle width but nothing else bottom left.
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    Where's that. Or do you mean its an option for the admins to select. also is there multi- quote option. Was a bit of a pain to have to scroll back up every time I wanted to respond to something.
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    Best app for forums

    tapatalk is pretty good. and to be fair the old forums worked reasonably well on that.
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    no point without it quite frankly. I was going to say it would kill the counting and ban threads, but looks like that has already happened. Bloody hell thought you were long done with this place ?! I had no idea this was happening, just happened to try and sign in today as back home for xmas...
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    Count to 5,000 before a Mod or Admin posts!

    so what happened to this thread then ? 3
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    Former British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher Dies.

    Full story at Sauce
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    PSU Member Awards 2012 Nomination Thread

    The way this works is extremely simple. Upon reading through the categories, it is down to you to nominate your members. There are a number of categories - all of them listed below - and you can vote for as few, or as many, as you wish. Of course, the more you fill in, the greater chance your...
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    Wii u Nintendo IDs are console locked. For those of you that aren't aware the Nintendo IDs are locked to consoles so you can't use the same one on multiple systems. It has also become apparent that even Nintendo customer services can't transfer them to new consoles. Sent from my...
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    Windows 8 upgrade

    Ok so you can buy windows 8 upgrade for £25 which is bloody cheap. However the copy of windows 7 I am currently running is a cracked version of win7 ultimate. Will this be a problem. The laptop I'm using obviously came with a licensed copy of windows but thats not what is being run on the...
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    Anyone on here have any interets in terrorism..

    Specifically C20th middle eastern terrorism. I'm doing my dissertation on the 1968 el al hijacking by the PLFP and its importance in the evolution of modern terrorism. I was just wondering if any of you had studied the topic and where aware of any good books on the subject (or just modern...
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    Musician combines beat boxing and cello. Awesomeness ensues
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    Samsung smart TV wifi dongle alternatives

    Ok so my dad bought a Samsung 5 series smart tv few weeks back and i was surprised to find that it didn't have built in wifi (just got back from uni on Sunday and he asked me to sort the internet bits out), anyway it turns out you have to buy a dongle, but the Samsung proprietary ones are like...
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    59 Year Old Man, Robs A Bank for $1,( so he can recieve healthcare in jail)

    sauce fair play to the guy, pretty ingenious. But when citizens are forced to go to these lengths to get access to healthcare surely you realise something is wrong.
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    Fallout Free on GOG for Next 48 hours
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    Google Maps Goes 8bit click on the "quest" box. awesomeness ensues
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    Tribs is a Psychopath :snicker

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    Sace is fucking awesome click through.
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    Made In Taiwan :lol: :lol: