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    Extended Milo Demo Come See!!

    LMAO i just found this. The guys at IGN made a spoof on milo. Check it out here :cool:
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    America's Army 3 is LIVE!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW

    Hey guys I'm downloading America's Army 3 through steam. So far I'm at 69% going at 1.5 MB/s which is pretty good. Can't wait to start playing. This is gonna be my first steam game so if any of you already have an account please feel free to add me. Account Username: HaiOnTop3
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    Black and Mild Cigars

    I just recently started smoking these. Specifically the wine flavors. I love them specially when freaked. Anyone else try these or smoke them? Please don't let this thread turn into an anti smoking thread...If you post keep it on topic
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    Help!!! I got banned from psn

    Ok so today on HOME, I turned my avatar into a girl and i started messing around with all these guys, and after a while i started saying dirty things and then I get signed out of psn. It says "Cannot use psn with this account", so I'm wondering if i can find out how long the ban is, if its...
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    Dualshock 3 Problem

    Everytime I turn on my ps3 with my controllers (both of em DS3), it always automatically assigns to 2nd player. I have two controllers and both of them do the same thing. It gets annoying to keep re-assigning the numbers. Is there an explanation or solution to this?
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    How to edit .m2ts files?

    I have had a Sony HD-SR11 camcorder for a while and I wanted to edit my files the other day but I had no program that was compatible with it. Windows movie maker doesn't support it and I don't know anything that does. I'm running vista home premium
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    Looking for an MGO clan!!

    Anyone out there that's recruiting?. I play almost everyday and I'm addicted to it. I just got a new PS3 and PSN so my skill level is 6. But I'm still a beast at it.
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    PS3/Xbox360 Sig /Avy

    I wanted a sig that displays a 360 and Ps3 side by side with an avy to match just get creative with it I don't really have that many ideas as to what exactly. I'll offer 1,000 SP to the sig that I want. Oh and I'd like the text to display TheBengaliKid
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    *NEW* FF13 Xbox 360 Gameplay Video!!!

    I don't know if any of you've seen this already but it's new to me so I thought I'd share it with you guys. Its from IGN
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    Madden 09 PS3 Problem

    Hey I picked up Madden09 on the 14th so its only been about a week or so. And all of a sudden a couple days ago i heard a bunch of noises coming from the blu-ray drive on my PS3. So then I tried COD4, MGS4, And Guitar hero and everythings perfect. Then as of today when I popped in Madden theres...
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    Madden 09 review up

    Madden 09 review by IGN 8.8/10 overall Source This might be a little old. But for those who haven't read it, here it is.
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    Sig Battle: TheBengaliKid vs. SnowHawk

    BATTLE OF THE NOOBS This is battle of the n00bs. Me and snowhawk are both new to photoshop but we are trying to enhance our skills. Please give some tips and be sure to vote. The winner shall receive 500 skillpoints along with +rep. Theme: Music My Entry: Snowhawk's Entry:
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    Battle Me snowhawk!

    I just wanted to test out my photoshop skills with beginners like snowhawk. I'm also a beginner so it should be fair. Theme is music and prize is 1000 sp.
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    My Very First Sig

    Hey everyone just made my first sig from photoshop 7. I just learned and read some tutorials. I know it needs work but what do you think of my new sig?
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    Brothers in Arms: HH DELAYED!/New Date and Limited Edition Revealed

    Source Im pissed that it's delayed but pretty excited for the limited edition. How bout you guys?
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    OFFICIAL favorite football (NOT SOCCER) team/why thread

    Please State your favorite football team and why you love them. I love the Redskins and also the chargers. Redskins because i'm currently living in maryland and im lovin the jason campbell and santana combo instead of steve mcnair and todd heap. Chargers becasue i was born in los angeles and i...
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    Which Upcoming Game Will you Buy First?

    If you only had enough money for one game. Which game would you have to choose? You can chose from LBP, Resistance 2, or Cod5. Personally I would have to end up with Resistance 2. EDIT: SOCOM CONFRONTATION HAS BEEN ADDED * IF ANY OTHER IDEAS PLEASE POST ~I added Socom: Confrontation to the...
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    Midnight Club: Los Angeles Info!

    Looks pretty nice. what do you guys think?
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    MGO Help

    I'm just starting the Online part of mgs4 and i have to install an update. should i use http or p2p and wich port if p2p?
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    COD5: World At War Co-Op

    Source: Looking forward to some nice co op and online play on this game. Hope it kicks Cod4's ***