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    Bad Romance (Fail)

    YouTube- Bad Romance Is this the female equivalent of the Star Wars Kid? Digg if you want.
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    You Rock Guitar ( Hands on CES )

    YouTube- You Rock Guitar Hands-On at CES 2010
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    Cheap PC Build

    So I wanted to build a PC to replace my Dell Dimension 2400, but being poor sucks; so I only had $300 to spend. I didn't need a HDD, so that was at least a plus. I bought all my parts from Newegg; speaking of which here's my list : AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 3.1GHz...
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    Wireless Solutions..

    So i'm getting tired of using varies wireless usb device's to connect to my home network. I've tried different brands Dynex, ZyXEL etc.. None have provided optimal performance. So my question to anyone who is willing to help; would a Wireless NIC card be a better option and, if so can you...