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  1. roosters93

    Google Wave

    Wave is Google's latest project and is really cool. It merges e-mailing and instant messaging, and Wave has a large potential with people even suggesting forums could be powered by Wave in the future. I recommend watching the video which makes it more understandable...
  2. roosters93

    I has a blog Post yours!
  3. roosters93

    Anyone like Scrubs?

    I have just recently got into Scrubs and I love it. I used to watch it a bit years ago but lost interest. We watched an episode or two at school the other week, and I liked it quite a bit. So I got Season 1 for Christmas and am going to get the rest soon. :) Anyone else love it?
  4. roosters93

    Boomshine : A fun little game

    Boomshine is quite fun. I have played it before but this was the first time I have ever beaten it. (My score was 318 ) Check out this website for some other fun games. Click Me.
  5. roosters93

    Rubik's Cubes...

    Are infuriating. I just can't do them. I have watched youtube videos on them, looked at guides and I can't even get the cross which is the first step. :) Any tips & tricks? And who has successfully finished a rubik's cube? What's your record?
  6. roosters93

    Blog it up!

    Did you know that PS3Forums now has a blogging system? If not, read here: I have already posted to my blog multiple times. It is quite nice to be able to let out my feelings/thoughts somewhere. :) Please post to your blog!
  7. roosters93

    I have an english speech! Halp!

    Please?:DD This is what I have to do: Task Descprition: You are Shakespeare. Compose a speech that reflects and evaluates the purpose of writing Romeo and Juliet. Comment on the influence of context and how this affected the actions of some of your characters. Starting Ideas: Discuss the...
  8. roosters93

    The demise of the English language

    Two things I have recently seen have made me think that the English language is on a downward spiral. The first being William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and the second being the captioned cat pictures. (example: About #1: Romeo and Juliet is a...
  9. roosters93

    Potter Puppet Pals!

    Has anyone else seen this fantastic collection of videos on Youtube? If not, let me explain. "Potter Puppet Pals" is a filmed puppet show with some little puppets which resemble the cast of Harry Potter on YouTube. I and many others believe it to be quite hilarious with its witty dialogue and...
  10. roosters93

    Find this song, get 10,000 skill points!!! (Too late!)

    Hey there, I really want this version of a song and I don't know how to get it. The song is called Running From Lions by All Time Low. Now, my problem is that there is a normal version and an acoustic version. (Like millions of other songs) But the title is exactly the same, and all the...
  11. roosters93

    Google TiSP (BETA) Google had me fooled.
  12. roosters93

    Cyanide and Happiness

    If you have never been to, your life is not complete. I saw these on NeoGAF, made me lols. :lol: Please post your favourite comics from Explosm Oh...
  13. roosters93

    How to rip a certain part of a video

    Hi, Does anyone know how to take out a certain part of a video so you have the part you want left over. eg. I only want the formal part not the bugs part. If anyone can do it for me, or teach me how to, I will +rep you and give you an icon of your...
  14. roosters93

    New iPod!

    Apparently there is a new iPod coming out in less than a month. (or maybe more I didn't get specifics). Or so says my local Apple Shop lady. It will be cheaper than the iPod Video is at the moment, and have more features. (duh!) So... yeah!
  15. roosters93

    Myspace layouts

    Anyone know a good site for layouts? tia.
  16. roosters93

    A highly addicitive game. Post your highest scores. My highest was 22,640.
  17. roosters93

    Streaming Videos

    Are you downloading the video when you are streaming a video?
  18. roosters93

    How to transfer music from your iPod to iTunes/Your Computer

    I found this website with StumbleUpon about this: I always wanted to know if you could do that.
  19. roosters93

    Line Rider

    My friend showed me this game when we were bludging in Geography. The best game ever.:DD
  20. roosters93

    Battle: Tribunal vs roosters!!!

    Tribunal's sig: roosters93's sig: You get my s.s vote Trib! Good luck.