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    PS3 console Live Streaming

    Hey all I just started Live streaming on I been streaming mostly L.A. Noire / Call of Duty Black Ops, Killzone 3, Brink. If you want to watch some good gameplay follow me there and chat it up with me too
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    Need Background for YouTube Channel - Paypal Donation for the Help

    I need someone who can make me a cool youtube background, I will make a donation to person for good cause if they can make one for me. I need this picture: In the background. This is an example...
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    Sig Request - World of Warcraft Rep

    Description: I want my Signature to have this pic of me in game with my game name "Towelliee" and Guild <S E V E N> Detheroc Horde -- that should be the text Type: Signature Images: Guidelines: Must Include the text of name...
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    Sig Request - World of Warcraft Rep and Points

    I need a signature for my guild I have 2 photos I kind of want to merge or blend somehow if you will This is the banner for our guild. I want to take just the BOOK and...
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    Socom Confrontation Info Site?

    I have been playing for last few days and I am really terrible lol. Like I have no idea which gun to use how to aim anything. I kind of need an info site if anyone knows of one.
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    [HCA] Killzone 2 Socom Clan needs a Website Hi all, it has been a while since I have been on boards. My best friend who I gamed with for about 15+ years died of lung cancer this past Thanksgiving. You could say I went into a gaming hibernation. Me and him been claning in FPS since...
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    Killzone 2 Demo Footage on YouTube by consolecrusader

    YouTube - Killzone 2 Demo 2-5-2009 1 of 4 YouTube - Killzone 2 Demo 2-5-2009 2 of 4 YouTube - Killzone 2 Demo 2-5-2009 3 of 4 YouTube - Killzone 2 Demo 2-5-2009 4 of 4 There are 4 videos total
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    [HCA] Hardcore Alliance Recruiting - Killzone 2 / Socom PS3

    Hey all in anticipation for Killzone 2, I will be bringing back my TFC clan name from TF1. My names Rob and I played TFC (Team Fortress Classic for HL) for 5 years and was the leader of the clan [HCA] - Hardcore Alliance. [HCA] on PSN will be dedicated to my best friend of 18 years Psychoprentt...
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    MGS 4 BT Headset

    Is it me, or is this get up really bad for people with big ears :( /sad panda
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    WTB World of Warcraft Siggy

    Hi all I was on a nice 5 week vacation in Cuba and I am back now. I have to get with one of you guys who built me a site template cause I can't find my original thread. But any I am willing to buy a siggy for my warcraft character. name : Towelliee Realm : Detheroc Pally Tankadin here...
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    MGO Beta Character Customization Video Here you go some MGO online loving with character customization and gameplay coming soon.
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    My YouTube Video of the New PSN Store Made a little 3 minute video of the store from the gamers perspective for you all enjoy!
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    [REQ] Call of Duty 4 PS3 Clan Site - GIVING ALL OF MY POINTS AND REP

    Hi Folks, I am looking for someone to make me a COD4 clan site for the PS3. My clan name is [mDk] Murder Death Kill I started a [mDk] Murder Death Kill clan for PS3 COD4. I was wondering if someone can make a site that will house matches/roster/downloads/forums/news/ format just for COD4...
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 Bonus DVD + Beta Youtube video

    Here is a 3 minute or so video of me showing you all the DVD with beta and inside content
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    Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core Home Video

    Should have a video of at least the English intro being played on my Vizio LCD using my Special Edition Crisis Core PSP Slim :) About 30 minutes tops. And yes I do have the game a week in advance :)
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    Metal Gear Solid : Essential Collection YouTube Videos by ME! - MGS1 - MGS2 - MGS3 ENjoy this is from my perspective
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    God of War Chains of Olympus Home Video on my LCD

    I made a nifty video showing intro to new gow game on my 37 inch LCD using the component hookup from psp to TV on my FF Crisis Core PSP. Let me now what you think
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    Devil May Cry 4 Unlimited Red Orbs? **spoiler**

    I posted a video on youtube describing how to get unlimited orbs in DMC4...did anyone know about this? I certainly didn't makes it easier on any mode to load up on items...
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    PS Home Beta 0.83 Footage Video 4 of 5

    Technically this is the third video, the post stating the 3rd was really the fourth lol..ok enough confusion...According to my source this is what he/she stated: Enjoy this for now....
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    Silent Hill 5 Screenshots NEW

    Rest can be found here atg the IGN website. I think this might be the most graphically enhanced looking SH yet if they add a historic story line to it.../drooool