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    infamous psn download

    The audio does not work when I try to play it. Have no clue what is going on, any help would be appreciated
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    Assasin's Creed Movie has anybody seen this they have a movie/episode for assasins creed 2 also
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    winning eleven in the us? can somebody confirm this because i called my gamestop and they said it was true, i really want this game to be released here as i have waited for a long time.
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    Wireless HD Not sure it directly relates to the PS3 just thought it interesting that it was even possible and would you be able to do it with teh PS3
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    new call of duty 4 trailer seems pretty decent compared to the last call of dutys which did not keep me interested at all
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    i have this tv but...................

    i won this tv a year back in a competition and well it says the tv is 720p compatible but when i bought the component cable for it i cant find enough slots to put it in can anybody help me here ??????????????? the tv
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    NBA street homecourt review i cant believe they gave it an 8.0
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    I don't know why

    i have an account for PS3 forums right then why is it that when ever i go to i cant sign in and it says when i go to register that that username is already taken
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    which ones should i get

    should i get eh play station ones which are 25 dollars or the madcatz onez which are 50 dollars i really dont know what the difference is apart from the sound could someone explain...
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    resistance 100%

    i did not finish this i just thought that if someone wanted it it is on this website here i think you have to sign up on it first yes on superhuman too
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    is it just me

    is it just me or does madden really suck i just rented and was not impressed they got rid of the fantasy draft and so many other things and the graphics they suck and so does the gameplay Does anybody know when espn nfl 2k series will be back out?
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    resistance saved game

    ok so ive completed resistance on easy and medium on my third way round and now i get a corrupted data message does anyone know where i can get a saved game fully completed on easy or medium or maybe even both Thanx