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    Capture The Flag Overtime?

    Two games in a row ended 2-2, and after about 1minute of each the game suddenly ended 3-2 to the other team. Now they weren't near the flag and had no time to get it yet alone return it! Anyone had this? Sorry if its old news.
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    Sig and Avatar Combo!

    + rep and credits for anyone who makes me a Celtic Football Club av and sig combo. Thanks.
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    FIFA 09 Patch

    Where can I get the patch so I can put it on a pen drive then onto my PS3, cheers. :D
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    Immediate HELP required. Rep + V's for solution

    At University and cannot for the life of me get my PS3 to connect to the net. If I let it set the connections and don't type anything in, it sits at 'signing in' for a while then says Error you have been signed out of the Playstation netwrok. Although I haven't really signed in. If I set all...
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    What does the PSN connect to?

    I need to find out for some IT guys at University what address does the PS3 connect to when trying to go online? Anyone know?
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    Help On Chosing Laptop

    I am going to Uni in 4 weeks and they have a deal on a laptop, which is; T61 Model Thinkpad: 3gb memory 80GB hardisk Intel Core Duo T7250 14.1"WXGA Screen Intel GMA X3100 GM965 (Graphics) 1GB ethernet internet card with Vista buisness Office 2007 McAfee Secutiy Suite For £589 So is...
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    Talim, Sig Avatar Combo.

    Could someone please do me a Talim , the character from SCIV, signature and avatar? 500sp + Rep. :mrgreen:
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    SCIV Questions.

    First of all great game :mrgreen:. But whats the objective of the game? Is it just to clear the story mode will every character? And is it always just the 5 stages? Secondly after i have cleared the story mode, i get things like 'new weapon available to buy'...Where do you buy them? and what...
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    Stun/Flash COD4 Help.

    See when playing Hardcore SnD and you fling a flash into a room, do the little lines indicating someone is in there actually appear on your screen? I know they do if you directly hit someone with the flash or stun grenade but otherwise since it is hardcore, do they actually appear?
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    Been Scammed

    Ok, my account was hijacked. :neutral: So i created a whole new user and PSN ID. The question is; See if i now buy a game off of PSN (Say 'PAIN' for example) will the person who now has my other account be able to access my download of PAIN?
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    Raiden SIG/AVATAR combo

    :-DCan one of you ultra talented people, please make me a sig and avatar comb?o of Raiden (from MGS4) ?
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    No Sound ??

    Round at my mates playing COD4 on his 32" Panasonic TV, and his 40gb PS3. Was working perfectly as per.. until last 10minutes , now there is no sound what so ever coming from games etc. Even when the PS3 is switched on it dosen't make that wee noise it usually does. Checked the wires. Don't...
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    GTA4 Percentage?

    What percentage of the game do you need to complete to actually complete the main story? As i have seen people who have completed the main story but only done say 60% or something?
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    New map ratings.

    Creek - Amazing, you can flank the opponents , snipe, or just run at them. Really hard to get from one side of the map to the other. It is a snipers paradise but has some built up areas for close combat. 10/10 Broadcast - Really poor, bit plain and simple. Most people skip it already.4/10...
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    Gta4 Pre-order Help!

    Need a site to pre-order GTA4, been trying for days but everyone i think of has sold out is pre-order shipment. Any idea's? Uk site's please. +Rep for solution
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    PS3 Laptop.

    One of a kind...... 8)
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    Ambush Hack

    Just to let you's know quite a lof ot people are using the hack in Ambush were they get outside the map and see where target A is in search and destroy ( not the one in the middle). They just stand below the fence thier and shoot anyone who runs through , they can also move along sso they are...
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    Most useful Perk In COD4 ?

    This is not to tell us your classes, just that one perk you need more than the rest. Personally its Claymores. Why? They get you sneeky kills, even when your dead (in Snd) and most of all they are a warning signal to me, when in a large building with 2 entrances i plant one at either end and...
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    Cod4 Tounry Cancelled

    no point in putting tour name in for a tourny if you are not going to make the effort and/or pull out .
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    Connection Help

    I have a wired connection , straight from my ps3 to my computer, which has worked fine for about 3 months. However, today and tonight when trying to play COD4 when it does 'downloading game settings ' at the start it takes 20mins to do it, or dosent do it at all. Then if i get in, it goes to...