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    Should I buy an xbox just because of Gears of War? or....

    So I really want to play this game, the only problem is that this is the only good game I know of and I'm afraid of buying it and then lose interest and sell the xbox. What are some good games (old or new) that you enjoy playing. I know nothing about the xbox so any HELPFUL posts will receive...
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    Your taste of music?

    (I saw there isn't a thread about this so I made one.) Like the title says, what kind of music genre do you listen to? Is there music you can't stand? I personally like metal, it's interesting how I only liked alternative rock at first but it progressed from there to rock, hard rock and now...
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    When will you lay down the controller for good?

    When do you think you'll stop playing games for good? I would like to say never but I have a feeling I'm going to stop gaming when I get married, but not sure. How about you, anybody loosing intrest in videogames:(.
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    Help! help!! gore maniac in need of help!

    I want you guys to tell me of THE most violent game you have ever plaid or thats going to be released because I want it!! I want pure evil games:twisted:.(The game could be for the ps2 or ps3 ok, thank you)
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    UK folks the majority on this site!

    Since the accounts started showing the country flag I noticed that ALOT of the members are from the UK:shock:. What's that all about? Am I missing something? But don't get me wrong I think you guys are cool and all;).
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    Dead Space?

    I was browsing through the GCC and I must say there are threads that haven't had a new post since like 2004 and it's clear those threads won't have a post no more, wouldn't throwing those threads away help the forums run smooth like butter? Is this a good idea or is this rubbish!!
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    What cracks you up?

    I apologize if there's already a thread about this, I just thought it was a good idea:). Anyways is there any thing in general that makes you laugh so hard you cry, a song, a t.v. show, a comedian, anything. For me it's "Family Guy" I don't know but every time someone bleeds I start laughing so...
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    Your account name, what does it mean.

    Searching for a thread about this and nothing. Anyways I chose magma12 for my name, magma sounded exotic and different, the #12 is my favorite number it means perfection, a dozen, 12 hrs and so on. What does your name mean and is there someones name you really like? (in the ps3forums of course)
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    My temp-sign sending the wrong message?

    I posted on "rate the above posters sign" thread. My sign received a 0/10 because it was to "erotic" for him, when actually It's a very clean image. What do you guys think.
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    Do you have a phobia or fear?

    I was searching for a thread like this but didn't find one so I created one;). It's not a phobia or anything like that but I'm afraid of mosquitos because they are creepy looking and suck blood and some carry infections. How about you?
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    When was the last time you cried?

    So yesterday I was watching a report on the China earthquake and people were crying, which got me thinking "I can't remember the last time I cried". When was the last time you cried? If you can't remeber the last time you cried, any thoughts?
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    GIMP 2 text help needed (help=+rep)

    This is my awesome carnage sign(well it was), only thing I don't like is the text. Does anybody know how to make the text look better it looks too plain, I mean I know I have to go to Filters, alpha to logo to add a 3D effect for example but every time I do that the whole sign gets replaced by...
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    How safe is your neighbourhood? or Thoughts

    Ok first I'd like to clear I'm really from California not from the White House. In all seriousness I live in a really dangerous town. People get stabbed, jumped or shot constantly just the other day I was watching the news and a report came out about a little girl that got shot. It seems this is...
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    Have you ever been threatened online?

    so yesterday i was plaing CoD online and decided to start a cage match because i wanted to play something new. when a guy with a head set joined i was like cool we can talk. so we started plaing and i just started whooping his a** and im not going to type what he said but he sure needed his...
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    1 week without videogames?

    i always wanted to know how addicted to videogames i really am. so last week monday i decided to not touch my ps3 for a week. then monday, tusday passed no big deal but on wensday i had this urge to play and i caved in and failed my mission. my question to you is, how bad are you addicted to...
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    Heavenly Sword sign request. (closed)

    can some one make me a sign like the one i already have but larger mine is kinda blury, and make it wider and add 1 more pic of her face on a corner but translusent and the original Heavenly Sword title on another corner. How does a week sound, ill donate all my points + an additional 1000 once...
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    Besides GTA4 what other games.....

    Besides GTA4 what other great games are going to be released on the short-term i mean
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    If the world were to come to an end

    if the world were to come to an end in 2 hrs, how would you spend those final hours? i would race around my town until police catched me. Boring, let me see what ya'll got
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    alphaboss its magma

    can you get me a GoW signature (impress me) :) i dont really know how this works so if i did something wrong call me stupid
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    cheating on CoD multiplayer?

    ok, the gun i always use is the RPD a very powerful wepon attached with stopping power making it very easy to kill someone fast and easy, but there are times i face people that are almost untouchable, i keep shooting.....and shooting almost like im trying to hit a stick figure person just to...