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    is this normal?

    When I play my ps3 on a standard def tv I get white blurs going up my screen. I tried more than 1 sd tv's but its still the same is this normal or should I call sony up to get a shiny new system?
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    why doesnt Sony release the Boomerang

    seems like ALOT of people want it so whats the holdup? I know I would like one
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    So I got BIOSHOCK today

    and surprisingly the pixelly big daddy is still there I thought that was just a glitch in the demo....
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    I want Sn00p

    Lets make this a human stock (real life no animated or video games). battle I've never battled here before so I dont know this goes. Fill in the rest
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    previews, open betas, information releases. Good or bad?

    I thought I'd make an official discussion since this topic has came up in 2 different threads Do those things hurt the success of games? Is there any game you would've bought had you not been exposed to all kinds of information (negative or not) on it? Were the oldschool days better? When a...
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    Is socom Overhyped? will I like it?

    *cough* haze, GTA4, LBP*cough* I gotta say, since I bought my ps3 (during the summer) Only games I really enjoyed fully were mgs4 and Uncharted and mayble a lil bit of cod4 Games I played/owned that didnt really do it for me Grid,Sc4,Resistance,Motostorm, warhawk(garbage), ut3, madden 09...
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    split screen play! WTF?!

    why are so many damn games lacking that? Moron devs need to look at the top selling games and realize those are the ones with split screen. Like God IS IT THAT HARD TO IMPLEMENT SPLIT SCREEN? The latest game lacking slplit screen to piss me off...PURE WTF?! Some of us still have gaming...
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    HOw much do you estimate you'll spend over the next 3 months?

    ok so everyone is talking about what games they're gonna get. Lets talk about whats its gonna cost you and how much money goes into sony's pockets! with juicy games like Endwar, R2, LBP etc..
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    do you have to replay the game to get trophy's?

    Like in uncharted for example. I rented it before it was patched. If I buy it will I have to replay it to get anything or will I automatically receive the trophy's I already acheived?
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    the psn video store I the only one who doesnt have acess to this?..... or am I just a ****** who doesnt know how to work his ps3? the closest thing I see to that in the psn store is Trailers....
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    Is this normal? Ps3 freezes when tranfering files

    It happened before but I ignored it since I was transfering files from a disc I figured it was the disk that had the problem Now im trying to transfer 2216 songs from my ipod to my ps3 but it suddenly froze at 40 (1% complete) its not cause of drive space because I checked if I had space...
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    SC4, unlocking the apprentice

    how do you do it? O.o. I already beat the story mode with Darth vader but I didnt face
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    Killzone 2 Demo videos (why do these people suck?!) I've notice this trend. In videos like this the player always SUCKS. and its evident that the difficulty of the game is tuned WAYYYYY down it just doesnt make sense to me. If you want to demonstrate the gameplay why not have someone pro do it? Its...
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    Do I need to buy warranty?

    I just spent a **** load on gaming, bought sc4,grid and a d3 controller. I have 3 days left to buy warranty for my system and I'm a bit low on funds. Bestbuy is a bunch of CROOKS. $60 for ONE year warranty. I had a problem with my system randomly freezing when I fist got it but I no longer...
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    Whats next for hideo Kojima?

    Has there been any announcements? Where he goes, I go
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    Soul Calibur 4

    why isnt there much talk about this game? :| Its gonna be ridiculous, hell, I cant wait :-D I played Soul Calibur 1 for like 3 minutes WAYYY Back, other than that I never had a chance to play a later title but now I have a ps3 Im getting 4 ON the release date, a little over 2 weeks from now...
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    Unreal tournament 3

    I know its like 8 months old but I just got a ps3 why the bad reviews?:???: I almost didnt get thsi game cause of all the crap people were saying about it but earlier today I took a leap of faith. the weapons are CRAZY. I shoot just to see the mechanics of the guns...seriously. the only con...