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    Square Enix thinks current console gen has lasted too long In this article SE's "world wide technology director" (whatever the F that means) makes so many ass backwards statements, it's unbelieveable IMO. SE is the LAST games company on earth to be...
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    Ima be honest, Facebook gets on my damn nerves.

    Lemme first be clear, I don't hate FB and I don't think FB or any other social network site is a BAD idea. There pretty much a very natural thing to happen in this internet age we live in. But dangit, I guess it's not the IDEA I hate so much as it is perhaps the PEOPLE on these sites and how...
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    Why must there always be a kissing scene in a movie?

    Give me an answer please. I don't see alot of movies but the big action ones in the summer. Really looking forward to Spiderman and Batman. However in both movie trailers I've seen they BOTH have a kissing scene in them. I mean, do we ALWAYS have to have love in non romantic movie? I understand...
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    Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the lamest movie of them all?

    Snow White and the Huntsman That's who!! Guys, this movie looks promising at first, but don't be fooled, it's crap. It tries to be great but just like a skater going for a triple spin jump, it falls flat on it's ass.... (spoilerish) 1. If you think seeing the promos that the movie is an...
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    Who is your favorite Avenger?

    From the recent Avengers movie, out of the 6 who was your favorite? Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, The Hulk, or Hawkeye? For me personally I loved Captain America the most. He's sooo heroric and courageous. And the most sensable of the bunch. His shield moves are awesome and I...
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    Do you guys like those cheap noodles they sell in grocery stores?

    Are you guys familiar with those REALLY cheap noodles that they sell in various grocery stores? I mean there dirt cheap like under $1! I've not tried all of them but my favorite is the Nissin Chow Mein brand. These things are AMAZING! Like whoever came up with this idea must be a genius or...
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    Will they ever improve snack machine technology?

    Seems like ever since I was in like 2nd grade and would sometimes buy snacks in the machine that these things STILL to this day don't work well on a consistant basis. Where I work, theres a machine in the back to buy things for cheaper then customers can. But still even now that I'm much older...
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    Any ideas on why my center speaker won't play during games?

    I have a really nice Logitech optical surround sound speaker system. I forget the actual name but I may try and find a link somewhere to show you it. So far it's been great for years now but now for some odd odd reason the CENTER speaker doesn't play at all during gaming, however oddly enough...
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    Do you hum and/or sing to video game music?

    I know I do. Every since I was a child playing games I would hum the music to catchy tunes in a video game. But not only that, I also would create my own lyrics to songs and sing them out loud. I've loved music my whole life so this stuff kinda comes natural to me. What about you? XD
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    Why don't people wear pants that actually FIT?

    I mean, come the fuck on man, didn't we all learn how to put on cloths when we were little? I can't tell you how many times a day I see young people, men and women alike ALL wearing pants that don't fit their sorry stupid asses. And folks, it's not just the gansters that wanna sag their pants...
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    Date someone who already has a child?

    Guys I have a good question. How should I approach a situation where I may date someone who already has a child. We're not older people, I'm 24 and she's about 20 (not sure of age yet). Now I need to say that she doesn't come off as a person who's a whore, she's very nice and kind and carries...
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    Why does this site keep timing out?

    Past few days now the site keeps blocking me from getting in at times during the day. It'll say something like "500 something" (i don't remember). Whats going on?
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    Why can't we get another installment in the Chrono series?

    I'm sure alot of people on here remember the excellent game that was Chrono Trigger. The great time travelling game on SNES. It was the definition of good original gameplay. We've only got ONE sequel in Chrono Cross. And I've been wondering forever why SE never bothered to wipe off the dust here...
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    What's your view on Walmart?

    I just got a job here, and I must say it's a damn chaotic one. I work in the back unloading freight and everyday you start your day wondering just how your going to make it through the day. But I know people have various opinions on the company. Sometimes I wonder if the store is too big for...
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    What makes a person start smoking?

    I've always wondered this since I was a child. I mean we all know it's horrible for you, but what makes a person start to do it in the first place? I sorta think that people start it to be cool when there young and that get addicted to the habbit so they just continue to do it as they get older...
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    Why are some gamers obsessed with gore in games?

    I mean what's the deal? I hear soo much that if a certain game doesn't have enough gore then they'll claim they won't even buy it. How is blood/gore supposed to make the game soo much better? Like in Ninja Gaiden 3 people on here acting like it's the end of world if it's not a bloodfest. But...
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    Hate to say it, but I'm not that into Christmas anymore

    I know this may sound abit crazy to some, but as recent years have gone on, I'm not crazy about Christmas anymore for a few personal reasons. 1. I don't like how Thanksgiving is just completely looked over. My friend said it may be because it's at the tail end of November. But also pretty much...
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    What?! I can't even say "M$" on these forums now?

    I got a "notification" for using the term "M$" because it was considered a "fanboy term". HuH? I mean of all the things to get on to somebody about, that really seems like a waste of time. I know some changes just went on in this forum but I didn't pay much attention to them, but this is what...
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    Can ANYONE explain to me why sports leagues can't settle their money issues?!?!

    Just heard on the news that the NBA probably has about 2 days to settle their disagreement about how to distribute their money or the season is pretty much DONE. Now I'm not a major NBA fan but as a regular person, this baffles me like none other!! How in the god forsaken HELL can a bunch of...
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    Does anyone else not like going to the movies?

    I'm not a big movie goer, I really just see some of the big "blockbuster" films in the summer. But when I do go, I don't really like going that much for a multitute of reasons... The last movie I went to go see was back in July. And it really reminded me why I hate going. First off the theater...