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    Digital downloads...any problems

    I have been a diehard physical copy kind of person as long as internet downloading has been around. I am curious about digital copies from the PSN being glitchy or inferior to the hard copy? I want to download TLOU on PS4 for the extra content, but am leery about it.
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    Vita Ban

    Long story short,I bought a Vita from Craigslist and it was Permabanned from PSN, and the douchebag wouldn't give back the money. Any word on if Sony will reverse this or anything? I would love to support the Vita and R:FOM is kinda fun. But I hate that it is more of a paper weight than an...
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    What are you expecting out of your games

    I like adventure games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Tomb Raider and the such. I am very hopeful and excited about The last of us, But I hate the restrictions that games put on gameplay. For example, I have never liked that I have a double barrel shotgun, and I can't open this wooden door. Or...
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    So let me get this straight

    We have the technology to see a bug from a satellite in space, do surgery with robotic arms from the other side of the planet and map out the entire human genome, but I can't get my pictures off of a YLOD PS3 hard drive without the original PS3 functioning...WTF!! Have we made any ground on this...
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    90's flashback

    Ran across this on face book and it took me back...youngbucks need not apply
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    Pixeljunk eden help

    I just downloaded Pixeljunk eden off of the PS store,and it downloads and installs just fine.but it isn't showing up in my games list. I thought maybe I needed to maybe go back on the PS store and get the demo first,but it seems sony took it down. Any help or ideas is appreciated.
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    GTA4 online setup

    I was wondering if anyone has heard what kind of online setup is GTA gonna have.I'm guessing that since it is Multi-plat that it will be P2P,but I am hopeful for dedicated servers.
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    Arby n' the chief

    This is the funniest video I have seen in a while,it has some language though so watch at own discretion
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    Are you over/under paid

    Do you feel like you are worth more than what you make? Or do you feel it is a crime against society to be making what you do for what you do? Try to be honest,not just greedy,with a false perception of your own self worth,and you might just learn something about yourself. Personally I think I...
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    +Rep for the best help

    I have Clearwire as my IP,1.5 kbps down and 256 kbps up,going to a D-Link model#DI-524 wireless router.My PC and my PS3 both have a port on the router,and I just recently did network configurations to get NAT 2 on the PS3.My problem is when I do a broadband test through on my...
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    So America...How's your Internet

    I ran across an article awhile back(I forget which one)that said america,the inventors of the internet,is now number 14 in the world for internet speed overall.Here's a graph showing our place: And here's a graph showing average cost: As you can see Japan is top's in the world for speed,but...
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    COD4 Negative XP(again)

    I was one of the unfortunates that had this happen before the network overhaul last time,and it seemed fixed until last night when it started doing it again.Wondering if this is happening to anyone else and/or does anyone have any advice about how to fix it.
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    Playstation:The Official Magazine mentions PSU

    I just got done reading an article about PS3 themes in P:TOM,and they said that is there number 1 spot to get downloadable themes.Thought that was kinda cool and thought I would mention it.The next time your looking for a new theme,the best ones are right under your nose.
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    Another COD4 help thread

    I was wondering if some of you COD4 elites could tell me how too complete 1.the master chef challenge-the one were you have to kill enemies with a cooked grenade 2.airborne-were you have too get a two kill streak while in midair Now the first one seems pretty obvious,pull the pin on a...
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    New Warhawk problem

    So I was playing in a ranked pre-game TDM with 3 other people and was pwning the other team(me versus them),and all of a sudden I got kicked for no reason except the dish of a$$whopping I was handing out.I was trying to find a way to report the person who was running the server and couldn't,so I...
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    What Are You Doing Here?

    So why are you searching these forums instead of playing your favorite game right now.Personally I am putting stuff on my IPOD so I thought I'd shoot over here while stuff is converting,what's your excuse:-D
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    I wanna like RPG's really I do,honest

    So here is my dilemma,I was reading a recently very hated mag(PSM)and I was reading about a game called FALLOUT 3 and it intrigued me.The story seemed very good and the mechanics seemed top-notch,but I got to a section were it said turnbased gameplay and I was instantly turned off.I can not...
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    please no more reality show's

    So I was flipping through channel's and I saw celebrity bullriding....WTF!!.Am I the only one who is completley sick of reality show's or what.let me know your opinions and by the way this is my first thread so be gentle:mrgreen: