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    PS3 to LG Flatron LS204WS

    Hey guys, My LG Flatron L204WS only has VGA(d-sub). I am looking for a way to connect my PS3 into the monitor. A method we was talking about in the Novatech store was this : VGA to DVI adaptor DVI to HDMI adaptor HDMI lead to PS3 Any idea if this long method would work? I did recently buy...
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    Surround Sound Help

    I need to buy some Surround sound preferably 5.1, my price range is up to £50 Anyone know of any good deals?
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    Clan websites

    If anyone wants a clan website send me a pm
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    Resistance 2's 1.4 patch coming Monday

    Some of you may have noticed that Resistance 2 has quite a few bugs within its coding. You should be happy to know that Insomniac is aware of the issue and plans to release a patch this coming Monday in order to repair a lot of the issues being found. One key problem is the reset of experience...
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    Dark VOid new images

    Some dark void images!!!
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    Killzone 2 Bargain Price

    I just noticed that are selling Killzone 2 for £32.99 so if anyone wants to save some money here is your chance to do so!
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    Weekend video store update; January 9

    TV Series - Black Blood Brothers, Season 1 - Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Season 1 - Gossip Girl, Season 2 - Jyu-Oh-Sei, Season 1 - Nip Tuck, Season 5 - One Tree Hill, Season 6 - Privileged, Season 1 - Stargate Atlantis, Season 1, 2. 3 & 4 - The Unit, Season 4 Featured Films - Back to...
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    Shaun White Snowboarding Review, how is it?

    Shaun White Snowboarding Review, how is it? I have been thinking of getting this game but I am not sure how good it is :S
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    My Resistance 2 Review

    This game is so good from the moment you pick it up and put it in the PS3, there is a small update (26mb) that must be installed and then a 90 second instalation. After that its pure actiona and the scale of this game and the new Chimera is so cool! There are some new weapons and they have good...
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    PS3 and PC connectivity

    I would like use my network that i have at home to transfer files from my pc to the ps3, but i do not know ho to do it, or if it is even possible. I do not want to use tversity as it does not always work , but what i would like to do is transfer the data using the router i have. Does anyone...
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    COD 5 on sale at are selling call of duty 5 eventhough it doesnt come out till friday!!!!!!!!!!
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    Burnout Paradise

    I just purchased this game and I was wondering how i can get the add on for the motorbikes? I cannot seem to find it on the ps store, but I am interested in buying this add on. Also how much does it cost?
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    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats

    ADEGAN: Unlocks full lightsaber throw BLACKHOLE: Unlocks Shadow-Trooper costume BRUTALSTAB: Unlocks Lightsaber Impale skill DANTOOINE: Unlocks ceremonial Jedi robes EXARKUN: All force push ranks unlocked FERAL: Unlocks scout trooper costume FREEDON: Unlocks new combo HARDBOILED: Unlocks Drunken...
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    Burnout Paradise PSN????

    How big is the Burnout paradise on psn? I might buy it but depends how big the file is!
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    GTA4 Helicopter Question

    Hi, I have been wondering for a while now, but where the hell can I get that black army helicopter thats on the back of the GTA game case? I have seen it fly through the sky from time to time aswell.
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    MGS4 new trailers New MGS4 trailers!!!!
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    Youtube amkes GTA4 page This fan is angry and wants rockstr to fix the game
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    GTA 4 Features Here are some of the new features there are in the new game and an interview with the maker of the game.