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    Question about betas

    I never have done a beta before so I want to know. When you are testing a beta, is there a system where you give them constructive feedback or is it just to get a chance to play to see what the game is like early?
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    Laptop + Battery Life

    I want to get a laptop but of course I want it to be high-end. But I also want long battery life. Now does only gaming or doing high-performance tasks drain the life or does normal work like word processor drain it too, just because it's, let's say, a Quad Core? Or is it better because of...
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    Unlock the 1911 Custom in MGS4

    Didn't see this posted after a search of the password. Enter Password 1911 Custom: 1aytmmymhk Drebin Face Camo: dntkkhktmm
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    Favourite CoD4 Perks?

    What are your favourite Perks that you like to use? I use 3x Frag, Stopping Power, and Last Stand. Anyone know how good stopping power is? Am I better off with say, overkill or juggernaut?
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    Plz help me decide: Creed or Uncharted?

    I want to get 1 more game this year before I have to go back to school (where I can't take my PS3) so I wanna get 1 more good game. I think both are solid games but I can't afford both ATM. I spent way too much already so it's one or the other. Please help me decide.