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    What You Can Expect From the Next Generation of Gaming
  2. F34R

    Help send my girls to Broadway!!

    Everyone pretty much knows me here, and what I've been through. I haven't been able to go back to work for six and a half years and my case is still pending. My girls and one of their friends auditioned for BroadwayCon this year. Only 10 auditions out of the thousands make it to the final on...
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    Getting back into my Vita..

    So, I've been playing on my Vita again. Forgot how damn awesome this thing is. Playing Windjammers right now. Fun freakin' game. I also have Cursed Castilla EX (LE) to play as well. Love that game. I will play some obligatory Hot Shots Golf of course.
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    PS2 wireless guitar won't sync. :(

    So, I have a SCPH-90001 Silver slim PS2. Trying to play guitar hero on a CRT, looks nice, but I can't get the guitar to sync with the receiver. This is a brand new CIB Redoctane white wireless guitar/receiver. I've read through their instruction manual, did exactly as listed, and looked through...
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    Xbox One X - disappointing me today

    Figured something would have to give... I've had nothing but a good experience until today. Wireless adapter, gone. Will have to send in for a repair. Screw that. I'll take it back to Best Buy. Not even two weeks old, and already having parts go bad. smh Add to that this slow ass...
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    DF: Star Wars Battlefront II XBX/PS4P/PC comparison

    Check it! Dayum.
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    Halo 5: Xbox One X is the way it was supposed to be... 55GB update btw lol. Those 4K assets.. Let me tell you.. WOW. Playing it.. just wow. Even simply watching the DF comparison, wow. Playing it though. Also checked the super...
  8. F34R

    Do you have any SNES games?? I want them! ... and more

    If you have any SNES game carts, and want to part with them.. let me know what you have please. Also, if you have any decent CRT you don't use any more, let me know what it is, and PM me where you're at.
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    Forza 7 PC Demo gameplay

    Here's me trying...
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    Your Switch, my Switch, THE SWITCH

    Didn't see a thread for this... so here we go. What do you have for the Switch at this point? What accessories do you have? Games Mighty Gunvolt Burst* Oxenfree* Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King* Rive* Doom Mario Oddyssey Golf Story* Stardew Valley* Oceanhorn* Rayman Legends Definitive...
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    DF Splatoon 2 Analysis

    Check it:
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    It's 2 terabytes or bust...

    I'm not buying another $500 console that has a lame ass 1TB HDD in it. I paid $449 for my Gears Limited Xbox One (S) that came with a 2TB drive. I'm not falling for this crap again. 2TB or bust for me.
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    Forza 7 in HDR - download and enjoy

    Here ya go folks.. Downloaded and played on my Vizio P65 C-1 through my Samsung k8500 player. It looked phenomenal!!
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    One more switch to go... anyone?

    I have one more switch that I'm about to put on ebay.. it's a grey joycon model, and not the neon one. $400 shipped to anywhere in the USA. I'm putting it on ebay soon, but wanted to see if any PSU'ers wanted to get it. I'll hold it a couple days.
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    Mario Kart 8 Wii U vs Switch comparison

    Nice little vid: Wii U @720p Switch @1080p
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    Oceanhorn on da Switch... @60fps

    Check it! Definitely will get this, and hopefully they'll do a physical version too. This is the PC build of the game that is also on PS4/XBO.
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    Nintendo Switch Friend Code Swap

    Ok peeps... Let's post 'em up. F34R: SW-5958-1147-7394 Lethal: SW-1147-4867-6886 Christopher: SW-8300-8186-3043
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    Redout shipping date

    I received an email from Amazon updating my shipping date from Dec to Jun 20. Woot.
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    NAMCO Museum coming to Switch...

    Where's MAH POLE POSITION!!???
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    Puyo Puyo Tetris Demo (US Available)

    The Puyo Puyo Tetris demo is available in the eShop for us USA peeps. Look in the "Coming Soon" section...