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    Infamous advert

    They promised us a big advertising campaign and unless someone is very good at making trailers im sure this will be it. YouTube - Infamous TV Ad Watch it in HD if yo can. Yours thoughts? good advert? bad advert?
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    1 stiker, 2 midfielders, 1 defender, 1 goalkeeper

    Nicked this off facebook but whatever. Its called perfect dream team or something but i thoguht it might make an interesting discussion. I'm interested to see what everyone else puts. My choices GK: Ikar Casillas D: Sergio Ramos M: Lionel Messi M:Steven Gerrard S: David Villa
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    Hey, i am having some trouble finding one last secret flower to get the gold trophy Its on the 5th level with the purple flower This IGN guide thing says Secret 3 - As you enter the maze area, you can follow the right wall to this secret. If you want, you can bloom all the flowers in the maze...
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    Musical Levels?

    Anybody have any idea how these are actually done? I havnt the foggiest and i would like to try one athough im sure i would fail because it would take a fair bit of skill xD Sorry if this has already been posted but i had a quick look and didnt see anything on the subject
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    Has anybody in the UK been watching this? The press have slated it a little but i think its pretty good although i have a strange suspicion it will turn into a modern day Lord Of The Flies as so many of these types of things do. 8)