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  1. Rebon

    Beta testers needed for new video game exchange

    Hi guys, A friend of PSU, Jess Ratcliffe, has just launched a new video game exchange site called GaBoom. She needs some VIP beta testers, so I said I'd post the site here to help her out. If you're interested, go check it out and sign up: Thanks, -Rebon
  2. Rebon

    [OFFICIAL POLL] Help us pick a name!

    Hello fellow members of the esteemed PS3Forums Community! As you may have heard previously, we're working on some cool new things for gamers (of which PS3Forum members will super secret access -- and some have already! More invites will be given out in the coming few weeks) It's going to be a...
  3. Rebon

    Gaming news - RSS readers? Need you help!

    Hi guys, For the new gaming social networking we're building, you can put in the RSS feeds of your favourite gaming news sites, and then get all the latest gaming news delivered straight to your homepage when you log in. The question is, would having an RSS reader on your social network...
  4. Rebon

    Noticeable Browsing Speed Improvements?

    Hi All. We've just turned on GZip compression on the boards and we'd like to hear from the users is this is having a noticeable effect on speed/performance of browsing the site. We think it is but we'd like to hear from the rest of you.
  5. Rebon

    Gaming social network - NEED A NAME - Part 2

    Hey guys, After exploring the legal aspect of, it turns out it's unlikely we'll be able to use it. Shame! There are other trademarks which prevent us from using it. After search, do any of you guys like the following names:
  6. Rebon

    Official poll: We need a name!!

    Hey guys! For the gaming social networking (basically a MySpace for gamers, but way way better) that Morph and I are making, we need a name. The current two candidates are and - what do you think? Be honest! Rebon
  7. Rebon

    Official: Gaming social network - we want YOUR thoughts!

    Hi guys, Seb and I have teamed up with 3 genius developers, and an amazing designer, to build a really cool social networking site for gamers. At the start it will be invite-only while we fix bugs and add new features, and will be seperate to PS3Forums, however, we will be offering PS3Forums...
  8. Rebon

    Official PSU Poll: How do you feel about Sony discontinuing the 20GB PS3 in NAmerica?

    Hi All, So, what are thoughts? Is discontinuing the 20GB PS3 in North America a good move? Do you care? Cast your vote and leave your thoughts -- results will go on the PSU homepage. Thanks! Rebon
  9. Rebon

    Exciting new developments at PS3Forums

    Hi guys, This is a gaming community, right? So let's make things a little more gaming-related! Over the coming couple of months Morph and I will be organising the development of a custom module for PS3Forums, which will allow members to challenge other members to battles on their PS3 via the...
  10. Rebon

    Discuss the recent league table announcement!

    So what do you all think?! Exciting stuff!
  11. Rebon

    This whole Lefein, Aquanox, MMBest banning nonsense

    Look guys, what happened over the past few days is just a big miscommunication. We are keen to get the forums on track and try to improve posting quality etc, and it was a rushed, knee-jerk reaction which wasn't properly discussed through. We have some great moderators here at PS3Forums - some...
  12. Rebon

    [Official] Recent Forum Errors

    Hi Guys, There has been talk of the page issue coming back. I had this for myself the first time earlier today. In order to fix this, could everyone go and check their IP address ( AFTER this issue occurs, and then PM it to me? Also, could you upload a...
  13. Rebon

    Ask a question forum?

    What do you guys think about an "Ask a question" forum, where new memebrs with less than 25 posts, and everyone else, can ask any questions they need to know about their PS3s? New members are complaining that they want to register and ask a question, but need to post 25 replys first. With this...
  14. Rebon

    Forum transparency increased - Moderator actions made publc

    Transparency is an important thing, especially at places like PS3Forums. In an effort to increase this, we have made the Infractions, Warnings & Bans forum open for public veiwing. I hope this increased transparency makes PS3Forums a better environment to be in! Thanks, Rebon
  15. Rebon

    [Official forum vote] Do you mind if your sigs are visible to non-registered guests?

    As the title says: Do you mind if you sigs are visible to un-registered guests? All vote now please! Thanks, Rebon
  16. Rebon

    30 new PS3 icons being released on New Years day

    As the title says, we will be releasing 30 new PS3 icons for public purchase on New Years day. The exact time will not be disclosed, so keep checking back! Happy New Years! :mrgreen:
  17. Rebon

    [2nd Official Poll] :: Which game are you most looking forward to?

    All responses will appear on the homepage of! Thanks, Rebon
  18. Rebon

    Thought you guys might enjoy this... My favourite: "PS3 forum, I just spied a little, they look very strong, it will take much to destroy the site."
  19. Rebon

    Latest PS3 Games Organisation - Thoughts?

    Hi guys, Right, after listening to all of your posts, and dicussing it for a couple of hours, we feel we've reached a good solution. We have it broken down by genres, linked (without taking up much space) from the homepage, with no forums for individual games. We need to change, as more and...
  20. Rebon

    Forum speed

    So how was the forum speed last night when there were just under 2000 people online?