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    [UPDATED] Fallout 4 Revealed "After months of speculation and hints from almost everyone at Bethesda Softworks, we may actually be on the eve of a Fallout 4 announcement. Today the webpage went live which seems...
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    Anyone still hyped?

    I can't wait for Destiny. Originally after the beta I was possibly passing it up, but because I've completed all my games, and will most likely be done with Infamous First Light before it comes out, I decided I may as well put most of my free time in to Destiny. I'm more hyped now than I was...
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    So we are about 7/8 months in.. (digital vs retail)

    I have been buying all my PS4 games from retail. Mainly cause they are cheaper (even if only slightly, sometimes). Starting to wonder if I should go digital. Not having to switch discs is starting to seem like a nice benefit. Anyone here actually bought all their games digital so far?
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    Looking to get an Asus monitor (first time Asus buyer)

    My PC monitor has just decided to call it a day about 30 minutes ago. I was using a Dell ST2310, and the screen went dull on me, I think it may be something to do with the backlight. However, I'm now looking to get a "decent" monitor and I've been looking at Asus monitors for a while. I'll need...
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    Fetching store information...

    I've been trying to download the holiday themed camo on Ghosts for PS4 and this is what I'm stuck with when I click on Store in the menu of Ghosts. I've been sat for about 5 minutes solid now and it won't budge. Just me?
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    Royal Mail Strike Day Before Ghosts Launch

    Just a heads up to anyone in the UK who has ordered Call of Duty Ghosts online and are expecting their game to be delivered by Royal Mail. You may not actually get the game on release and the backlog could cause further delay. In this situation it would probably be best that you cancel your...
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    Watch Dogs, The Crew Delayed Until At Least April 2014
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    TV upgrade to suit PS4

    I dunno if this is technically the right place to post this but here goes anyway. I'm looking at upgrading my 6 years old Sony Bravia before PS4 releases so I can get the best picture quality and least input lag/refresh rate or whatever it is called. Anyone know anything about which TV is best...
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    Still no release dates?

    I feel somewhat disappointed that Microsoft haven't announced a release date yet. I hope they don't wait too much longer.
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    Battlefield 4 Beta coming to Xbox Live early October

    Graeme Boyd ‏@AceyBongos 10m Battlefield 4 beta coming to Xbox Live in early October. #xboxgamescom Can't wait to try it out :) Hopefully they make it public to everyone.
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    Peggle 2 and PvZ Garden Warfare are timed exclusive on Xbox One I'm looking forward to both of these. My other half enjoyed Peggle and I am liking what I have seen from PvZ Garden Warfare.
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    Confirmed: FIFA 14 bundled with all Pre-Orders of Xbox One

    Larry Hryb ‏@majornelson 54s In Europe this Holiday: All pre-orders of #XboxOne will include a copy of FIFA 14 (while stock lasts) #Xboxgamescom Nice :) Saves me spending the cash on it seperately.
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    Legends mode coming exclusively to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team on Xbox One

    Graeme Boyd ‏@AceyBongos 1m Legends mode coming exclusively to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team on Xbox One - legendary players from the past in FUT. #xboxgamescom Not sure if this bothers me all that much. Great news for those who are deeply in to...
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    Ryse: Son of Rome, it's not all QTEs after all. Thank god for that, I was worried this would be a button mash QTE game.
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts will have dedicated servers on Xbox One

    Larry Hryb ‏@majornelson 1m . @CallofDuty Ghosts will have dedicated servers on #XboxOne #Gamescom
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    The Division to have Exclusive content before and after release on Xbox One

    Graeme Boyd ‏@AceyBongos 1m Ubisoft's @TheDivisionGame will have exclusive Xbox One content before and after the launch of the game. #xboxgamescom Straight from a Microsoft guy on Twitter.
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    Unboxing Xbox One

    Seems like they changed what will be in the box for the better.
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    PSN is down?

    I have been trying to sign in to PSN for the last 5 minutes and keep getting the following message: An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network. ( 8002A548 ) Anyone else?
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    A feature I'd like to see available on PS4

    The ability to change your PSN ID. As people get older they change. They may not like the ID they once chose way back at the start of PS3. Having the ability to change this would be good. They could make it free, and have the option to change once every 365 days. That way we are not limited to...
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    Kinect can be deactivated Not sure if this has already been mentioned on here, but I thought I'd post this as I feel it is somewhat good news.