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    GTA IV displaying in black and white

    For some reason, on my admittedly quite old TV, (non HD), GTAIV through my scart connection displays in black and white only. All other games on the PS3 work fine in colour, as well as the XMB. (Well, I tested Haze and that was fine, Resistance didn't give me much of a clue either way ;-)). Any...
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    Haze Online stats resetting

    Does anyone else have this problem with Haze? First I noticed that you have to stay until the end of a game, and for it all to properly close (quite often a host will quit as soon as the game finishes without it doing this) for the stats to even count. But then for me they keep on resetting...
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    Ways of extracting some fun out of Haze

    1. Play online. ---------------------- 2. Every time you hear "Remember your promise to Merino!" hit yourself in the face 3. Every time you hear "Today, Mantel falls!" eat one of your toes 4. Every time you stand next to an enemy for five seconds without him noticing, insert a whole...
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    2 PS3's broken in the same way - has anyone else had this problem?

    Hi. I'm very very annoyed. My 2nd PS3 has just broken in the exact same way the 1st did. The 1st one's laser went then a week later the problem I'm about to describe, which just happened on the replacement as well. So there was no indication of anything going wrong on either until I tried to...
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    Does anyone else miss offline multiplayer gaming?

    One of the most significant steps up the PS3 took from its predecessor was online gaming. No PS2 game ever really managed to get a good online community going, but games like Warhawk now exist that revolve solely around online play. The problem is, developers seem to have forgotten about people...
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    Uefa 2008 (= Fifa 2008.5)

    I have played Pro Evo all my life. Well, ever since it existed. I have bought every title since Pro Evo 1 on PS2, and never looked outside of it for my football gaming. Well, this year, to be honest, it was a little bit ****e. Before they'd made few improvements year on year, but this year...
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    Possible to move hard disks between models?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to move hard disks between the 40gb and 60gb models? I have a 60gb that's just broken, and only being offered a 40gb as replacement. Would it be possible to move the 60gb hard disk into the 40gb model? Thanks if anyone knows either way!