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    Playstation 2 in a toaster!

    Pretty cool idea source:
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    UFC MMA Thread

    The Official UFC and MMA discussion thread! If you want to view your opinion on the next big fight or just want to talk about anything MMA this is the place to come! Next UFC PPV: UFC 98 - Sunday 23rd May Fights to be broadcast: Rashad Evans Vs. Lyoto Machida Matt Hughes Vs. Matt Serra...
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    PSEye Driver for Windows

    Just found this driver on an old site i was keeping track of. Direcrt driver link here: Just installed and i am...
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    COD:WAW Ghost's

    A friend showed me this video the other day and its actually pretty creepy.
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    UK Killzone 2 Advert

    I've just seen it on TV and it looks great but its too short! It does set an atmosphere but they could of added more. Any opinions??? Sorry about the quality.
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    Which 42" 1080p tv for £600 ($900) should i buy

    I've been looking for a tv for the last 4 weeks to go in my room and its damn hard trying to find a good tv for a good price so im calling on people who have more knowledge for some help. There is already a 42" downstairs so i know thats the size i want, but because its the "family" tv i hardly...
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    Blast Factor – Now With Trophies!

    This should give me a reason to play this instead of SSHD again :P sorry if this has already been posted.
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    PS3 christmas wish list!

    With so many games being released in the months leading up to christmas, will you have any off them on your list? Resistance 2, Call of Duity 5 and Rock Band's premium drum kit will all be on mine. I get to spend another xmas day pondering what games to play and this year it will be even worse...
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    Importing Rock Band 2?

    Because i live in the UK and we constantly get screwed over, would it work if i bought Rock Band 2 and the premium drum kit from the US and shipped them over to use with my PAL PS3? Thanks
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    Official Playstation forums Sign-in

    I just went to the official Playstation forums to see weather it was open yet and it was, but when i try to log in it asked for my PSN sign-in details and when i entered them i took me to the same screen as i see when i try to access the PS store through my ps3. Should that of happened or was...
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    GTA IV Weapons?

    What weapons would you like to use to beat down on people in GTA IV? A Medieval axe would be pretty brutal. ;)