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    I need help!

    I need help w/ this code ok don't worry I'm not advertising my myspace because it's a simple test page but my problem is in the top, where the banner is (which is composed of 4 pictures and a video) there's a...
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    New Vector..Comment please

    Ok here's something I made yesterday. First vector since this kanye one I did way back when his (latest)album dropped(graduation) ok so here it is.. THE OG AND THE VECTOR =] ^thats my real name for those that did not know comment please. Thanks
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    Nobody Famous

    check him out,I'm working with him. The songs are dope He's called Nobody Famous, He made the song "Go Hard" on WWE's Smackdown Vs. Raw 08 Here's some of his music He's a producer and a rapper. Also add him on reverbnation to get some free songs...
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    new vector

    ok here is a new vector I just made(about 60 something layers) here is the original here is the vector and here is a simple background with the vector(+a couple of photo filters) I know it isn't perfect, but it's my second vector(ever) I would appreciate comments thanks
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    no-hitter in his 2nd mlb game

    Boston Redsox rookie Clay Buchholz just threw a no hitter in his 2nd ever mlb game. I just watched the game, it was awesome : p as a red sox fan what can I say He is a BEAST!
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    Stephen Colbert's wrist cast Omg he cracks me up so much, it's non-profit and Jesus it's at $8000+
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    Jessica Alba has herpes!!!1!?

    WHY!!! No it can't be! **** you Jeter!
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    Wallpaper Template. new template added *56k warning*

    I was looking for one, but I couldn't find one. So I decided to make one. Here is the template [it doesn't look too good by it's self, but when you add a wallpaper under it it looks better] to place it on a wallpaper you wish to have on your ps3, just open up both with a graphics program and...
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    NBA fan forum?

    I just got an email saying that I'm now a member and I confirmed it. BUT what the hell is this for? should I feel lucky lol
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    I got photoshop back..

    I have photoshop once again. FINALLY! man I've waited for this for a long time. Now let's see if I remember anything lol.
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    Walmart selling Jesus...

    Walmart is going to sell Jesus action figures Lmao. Here is the link
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    crazyyy video

    I found this video and I thought you guys might want to check it out. sorry if posted before. again if it was posted before, just let me know and I'll lock this thread.
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    psn update 1.7 out now

    -you can now download playstation(format titles or w.e) and play them on your ps3 -vibrate function for ps1 and ps2 games has been added(rumble for ps1 and ps2 games) -and one other thing(I can't remember) It's nothing too big. Im downloading right now.
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    psn store updated 4-5-07

    there is an armored core demo, and some new trailers( this one named STARDUST, the gta IV trailer, and the ARE WE DONE YET? trailer) If this has been posted I will lock myself.
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    wireless headphones

    I wanted to know if anybody knows where I can get some good wireless headphones for cheap less than 60 bucks cheap(I hardley have any money), or if anybody has had past expirences with some that where good or bad,let me know thanks. Also I want to use this with my T.v not phone or mp3. Thanks again.
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    Supaman Vs. UndecideD ReeeMatch

    come vote Post your Votes supaman- UndecideD- supa you got my ss vote and Good Luck.
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    UndecideD's shop *REQUEST IRONMAN AVATARS NOW!!*

    LOL yeah I said it Request your ironman avatars now. Minimum price is now 35 due to the demand Note 5 sp for each avi I sell will go to the redcross j.k to tribunal for coming up with the Idea. Sigs and avis coming soon and mabye some tuts (*)UPDATE(*) I will put all of the colors I have...
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    Who is your favriote SMC member?

    I figured since we had a "Who is your favriote Mod" thread,so I made this. <>Don't flame or anything like that<>
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    Fidel castro is sick and....

    I just turned on my t.v to learn that fidel castro,the leader/dictator(w/e you feel like calling him) of cuba is critically sick. He has given power to raul castro(I think,it's his brother). Well here in florida,in miami,people are out on the street gathered around,because many have waited for...
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    Barry Bonds 715th home run ball goes on sale....

    Barry Bonds 715th homerun ball goes on sale today,on ebay. The starting bid is 10,000 dollars :shock: and many say that it will sell at 100,000 dollars! I for one will be selling my house and car to buy this ball,and will then proceed to live in a box with my historic ball for the rest of my...