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    Australia to get internet filtering.

    Source Well there goes our freedom. I would be interested to know if this "independent body" will be named, knowing Conroy it will probably be some religous faction. Also interested as to whether or not the list of banned sites will be made public. Only a matter of time before our weasel...
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    Woman pregnant with 12 wants natural delivery

    I can think of something other than a record that will be smashed in this attempt :shock:. Seriously though what the **** was the doctor thinking implanting that many bloody embryo's.
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    Pilots take a nap during flight

    Source Isn't that the whole point of having auto-pilot? :p Seriously though, that's kind of negligent of the pilots. That's why I don't use cruise-control on the way to work in the mornings, could quite easily fall asleep on the freeway.
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    Net addict beaten to death.

    Source All in all it sounds like the rehabilitation worked :shock:.
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    Parenting FAIL!!! WTF

    source:,27574,25689021-401,00.html This is just ridiculous. I am a smoker myself, before any of you jump down my throat about it, I am a legal adult, cigarettes are a legal substance, I fell no-one has the right to tell me what I can and can't do to my own body...
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    This makes my blood boil.

    So now we dont even have the right to protect our ****ing children. Our legal system is in major need of an overhaul. If the father had of reported to the police rather than acting himself, this sick **** would have gone to court and been told by the Judge he was a naughty boy, given a slap on...
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    That's why you don't choke yourself while you're choking the chicken

    Yeah cutting oxygen supply to your brain is sure to make it better. :suspect:
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    That's one way to protest....I guess

    Don't think I would have gone quite that far, but good on him for having the balls to stand up for his beliefs :snicker.
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    Red Bull gives you Euphoria

    Those tricky Germans are now cutting there Coke with Redbull. :lol:
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    Man blows away his own *****.

    Some people are just to stupid for words. So now not only does this guy have to spend the rest of his life with a mangled *****, he also gets the pleasure of being some gorilla's shower toy in prison. :lol:
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    For all the gun nuts

    800g 12gauge is sure to have a bit of kickback. My mate has a 12gauge with polymer stock (probably weighs a little more than a .22) and that thing kicks like a *****. Metal Storm have some really good idea's, just hope our braindead Government gives them the funding they need to keep it an Aus...
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    Dolmio Grin - You're doing it wrong

    WTF:confused:. That is just wrong.
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    Drunk Gorilla's

    Gotta get me some bamboo sap, if its strong enough to get 220kg Gorilla's hammered just think what it could do to me.:p. It has too suck for them though, no greasey food to cure the hangover.
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    Anyone been bitten by anything Venomous?

    This guy must have been pissing the snake off a fair bit for it to bite him three times. Just read this and it got me wondering if anyone here has or knows someone that has been bitten by a venomous reptile/animal?? I have seen a couple of Eastern Brown (think they are like either 3rd or 4th...
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    Did you go to school with anyone famous?

    Read a post from someone (sorry can't remember the name) on the forum who went to school with the guy who plays Amwah in skins (Dev Patel). So just wondering how many of you have gone to school with someone who is famous. Myself, I went to school with Ryan Guettler (Pro BMX rider). Think drama...
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    Australian Bushfires, 173 Confirmed Dead so far.,27574,25027055-421,00.html Can any Aussies from Vic give any more insight. Australia's copping a hammering at the moment. One state on fire, another underwater!!! Will be interested to see how well the Government handles this one.
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    Turbo or V8

    What floats your boat? Small engines with mass amounts of boost or is it all about cubes for you. I tend to be a bit of a fence sitter on this as I see turbo six cylinders as more practical (and if done right equally fast if not faster) but the inner child in me gets weak at the knees when I...
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    First Darwin candidates for the year. Good work guys.

    Would have wanted that to have been the best lay ever. I will forgive the guy for his stupidity because blood was being rushed out of his brain to other parts of his anatomy, but what was the girls excuse.......