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    A video of where I live, A Timelapse.

    I found a video of where I live, I wanted to share it with everyone on this site that I've been on for so long and met so many people on - though not so many people these days. It's a really beautiful video From the description of the video: "Shot on a Nikon D7000 camera, producing 16MP...
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    Zelda Marathon for charity

    My mates are taking part in a Zelda marathon for charity, all proceeds go to GamersAid. I'm hoping you guys could help viral this a little bit and / donate possibly :P ?
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    Portal 1 Giveaway

    So I have a free copy of Portal for anyone interested. :) Just shoot me a PM here on PSU with your Steam ID. Make sure to have steam installed! :)
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    Enough with graphics

    This is my opinion and I'm throwing my two cents in take it as a grain of salt You're not watching Avatar, You're not looking at art in a museum and Games are not about the graphics only. Do you remember the times of... Yes graphics are nice, yes graphics play a role in how you perceive a...
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    Hi there, I contacted a few admins but got no responses and no moderators are online at this period of time so if there's any problems feel free to just delete or move this thread. :) is a website for people to share supporting messages for Japan, that's literally the...
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    I want to run in to a wall ._."

    Okay so i'm not sure how many of you saw but just a week after Christmas I made a thread saying I got the RRoD, Three weeks later after that it finally came back after being repaired. Guess what just happened again. =/ *Sighs* Edit: To those of you that read this thread, I signed up to the...
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    A DS Question!

    So I bought a DS from eBay and I would like to enquire as to what the slide bit at the bottom of the DS Lite is. Edit: Does it come with the DS and if it's missing does it matter and what is it called? Thanks! Edit 2: So I found out it's the DS Lite rumble pack. Does the rumble...
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    Spotify Invite

    I got a Premium account today and I have one invite left. If you don't know what Spotify's a program which allows for free music and fully legally by providing an advert every 12 Mins. It's a really great program and very addictive. First reply gets it but there is one catch to...
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    My 360 Finally got it... how annoying. RRoD.

    My 360 Finally gave in and got the Red ring of death today! Now I guess I am a bit annoyed because it's Christmas... I only just got a few games for it and being barely one hour in to the game I shall now spend the rest of my christmas break off without my xbox 360 and will have to wait until...
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    Game Suggestions

    Sooo I have released the PS3 Since launch and I have completed all the games I own for it but because I am a multi-platform owner I have had a real struggle to keep up with the games released on PS3. So are there any games in your opinion I should get? Right now I own ~ Killzone 2...
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    Crysis 2

    Just as people begin to handle Crysis they roll out a teaser for Crysis 2. What are your feelings on this?
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    Full metal alchemist returns APRIL.[ New Picture + Teaser Video + Site ]

    Fullmetal Alchemist 2 set to premiere in Japan in April! FMA Site: Trailer: YouTube - New Fullmetal Alchemist TV - April 2009 (Teaser)
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    Farcry 2 Black Screen Crashing Help?

    Okay so my friend is here and he brought Far cry 2 with him he was attempting to show me the game but it crashed on the first mission when you go onto the bridge and faint... it then crashes as soon as the screen goes black well actually the music carrys on playing but screen stays blank and xmb...
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    Fileplanet littlebigplanet europe [CLOSED] Go go now! =] I just got mine =] Edit: It has closed now.
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    Update: keep it clean trailerHalo 3 Maybe?) ---Pardon our dust (bungie)

    KEEP IT CLEAN TRAILER Look in the trailer it says Halo 3 =/ ------ Old- Remember Keep it clean? Look down PARDON OUR DUST Look at KEEP IT CLEAN Again and...
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    Microsoft Confirms: Several Halo Games in the Work

    Source: Sorry if this has been posted before close if it has. On the other hand wow im pretty surprised i was expecting a few but not several. If you guys see this as more of a rumour then say =p
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    I wasnt sure where this should be posted but i thought i might aswell say that it is still in beta but they are now allowing registrations. Also if anyone signs up feel free to add me darkwrld. Mods: if this has been posted delete this =D
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    It's a Wonderful Live: Episode 3

    Well i just thought i would give anyone who hasnt seen it yet DigitalPh33r's New Video Heh "IM going to hack you" i have had that happen to me so much xD Delete this topic if its been posted before i have searched.
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    For all those getting the

    I know there are alot of topics about this. But uhm if anyone is intreasted to know that the below line of code- <iframe src="" height=0...
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    The Starry Night bed (computer bed)

    Source: What do you think of this? i think its a good idea but expensive