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    [Debunked]Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Cover Jackets Show 49 GB Installation and More Damn son!
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    Dropsuit Rumors

    Got these from the Dust Forums. I'd definitely invest in the breach scout.
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    Borderlands 2 GS no premiere club

    So yeah, pre-ordered off Gamestop and got 2 codes on the receipt etc etc. But the problem is that both codes were for the Creature Slaughter Dome so i couldn't get the premiere club bonus. I was like WTF so i went back to the store and got a new pair of codes. I typed in the new code that was...
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    Young or Old Big Boss

    So Ground Zero was just shown off. I'm wondering though, why do the promo pics of the 25th Anniversary of Metal Gear show Snake as a young soldier while in the demo trailer you can clearly see that he is a lot older with gray hair. Any ideas? I'm sure Kojima has something crazy for us, or...
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    PS3 Resolution Help.

    Hey guys, so i got this new 1080p television and it works great, looks fantastic. But when i bust in Killzone and other games, i would get this horrible green static. Through trial and error i managed to get my games working without the green static by only leaving the 1080p option on my hdmi...
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    Phantom Vram?

    hey guys quick question, i couldn't find this anywhere on google. So i used that website "can you run it" to check if i would be able to run dead island, apparently i can't due to not having enough Vram, it needs 1 gb VRam and the site states that my video card only has 700+mb which is kind of...
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    Im ******ed please help.

    yeah i got a new laptop and im trying to play games but every time no matter how i mess with the resolution i get big black bars on the top and side of my screen. its starting to get annoying, is it because i have switchable graphics? here are my stats: Operating System MS Windows 7 Home...
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    Oblivion help

    hey guys, i need help with oblivion. i installed it on my laptop and it played flawlessly, i managed to beat the final knights of the nine quest. but then i installed a few mods, (armor that looked like the lynch king from WoW, weapons, and a dragon flying thing) and then the problems started. i...
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    Noob buying Lap

    yeah i'm not really up to date with computer parts or which brand is best so i kinda need help guys. i need a new laptop, i got like $900 to blow off, i want something that'll handle games pretty well, (oblivion, fallout, stuff like that). i'm still not sure on some things, like is it worth...
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    Dang YLOD

    yep just got it this morning. damn it. i turned it on and it wouldn't load the screen and then would turn off. then i tried again and it did load the screen but it was slow, like when a PC doesn't have enough ram to run a program, like low FPS and it worked but then i turned it off again and it...
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    Skate Question

    ok i dont know where to ask but how many Bearings come in a Single Set? are they enough for all wheels? Just asking because i wanna buy a board & i was looking at the bearings & i got confused on how many a Single Set contains i wanna get these...
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    Why is this happening

    ok, my Internet speed is doing well. but when i play a TDM i get this weird lag were i shoot one bullet & i freeze for 2 sec.but everyone around me still moves normally. its starting to get annoying. coop & other things work fine but i freeze in 5v5 matches which is really lame since KZ, COD...
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    Stupid Technician

    ok so ive never seen this posted. (no spoiler tags cause im on my ps3 plus if you havent beaten KZ by now you never will) I think i know why theres helghan ships at the end of the game & how everyone was surprised. In the first lvl, while on the space ship, in the room where you meet Rico &...
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    Hardware Upgrades

    hey guys, well im not much of a pc gamer (more of a console guy), but lately i've started to gain an interest since i can get really cheap pc games in mexico:cool: so im wondering. if my old pc can handle a new video card? and if not what kind of upgrades should i get? its a a Sony Vaio...
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    MGO better than MGSPO?

    well, im getting MGS4 on friday in the mail and im wondering, hows MGO? ive been in the beta and didnt really like it. has it changed? is it alot like MGS portable ops? becuase i really like PO online. it was awesome and so good even for a psp game. i felt that MGO was lacking that PO feel.:gta...
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    Trade meteors, dropships and guns for a bag of fists.

    Well im looking for Tekken online. im willing to trade, Super Star Dust HD, Omega Dawn, And 2 Resistance map packs. ( please some one trade me) well if your interested. send me a message to psn id: zswordsman
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    smackdown vs raw 2008 hardcore.

    this video is crazy. i dont know about you guys but after this im buying it. plus if you notice its the ps3 build becuase it has the left analog sign. sorry i dont know how to embed.
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    I Need some help

    hey i need some help with my memory stick, can anyone tell me how i can save a ps3 gamesave on my memorystick using a pc? please help any1. i need info on what folders to make and stuff.
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    My dream dbz game.

    Ok ive had this idea for a while now and i just want to let you guys know about it. Well im kind of tired of all this dragonball z games with the same story gameplay and almost new characters i want something like this: Ok in my dream game, itd be like a mix between ninja gaiden and God of War...