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    Can't log into PSN from PC.

    It's been 3-4 days were I try to log into PSN from my work PC but it says Site under maintenance (and obviously the same in Japanese) although the "light" is green. Anyone that has the same problem? I need to update my sig and check on my friends and stuff
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    Where's the EA space?

    Sorry if this has been posted before.. Anyways I used to play poker in the red and green room of the EA space of home. After some months that I decided to play again, I can't find the EA space
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    Favorite and least favorite maps in Uncharted 2

    Well I like all of them but I like more Train Wreck and Village (and Sanctuary). My least favorite are Ice Cave and Temple. What are yours?
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    Basic questions about U2 multiplayer

    1) How do I get the gold guns? 2) How do I get the bald character with the sneakers 3) How do I get the NaughtyDog sign next to my name 4)What the difference in playing Deathmatch or Objectives and playing Ranked I'm on level 30 and I've seen people within the first levels and they have the...
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    Uncharted 2 Trophies

    Here are the trophies, I'm at 12%
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    PSN will be free!!! (?)

    Today I got a message that said, that Sony is considering to charge for online play just as Microsoft does. And the only way for this not to happen, is to have as a comment (you know over the psnID) "PSN will be free!!!". And that if Sony sees that more than 100.000 users have that as a...
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    Post your GameStats

    I made this thread for two reasons. 1) so we can have a place to show our gaming results and 2) because we are not allowed to have more than 3 pictures in our sig, and I didnt know which one to leave out. Now we can post all our gaming stats here.
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    Huge CoD5 glitch!

    Οk people this happened yesterday while playing CoD5 multiplayer on the stage that has a circular building and some train wagons all around. So I was playing S&D and all of a sudden I get killed and when I watched the killcam, I saw that this ****** guy was underneath the ground and was...
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    CoD5:Stats resetting?

    Hey guys, is your stats also resetting every time you close your ps3? Is it because the game it's not out officialy? From some other people that I talk to, to some it resets and to some it doesnt. Because no matter how good the game is, I really dont want to do the first ranks all over again. (I...
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    Namco Bandai

    Does anyone else hates that voice in any Namco game when the logo comes up and says "Tiiime Crisis FOUR!!" or "Soul Calibur FOUR!!" For god's sake I KNOW what I'm playing I don't know about you but I really want to take the game out and break it in FOUR pieces!
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    GTAIV Radio stations

    Which radio station, you like to listen while your driving around Liberty City? Personally I like the electro station (it's next to the VIBE station)
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    Time Crisis 4

    I searched but I couldn't find anything about Time Crisis 4. If there is something about it, close this thread. Anyways I just got this game but I'm still at work and I don't know if I did well, getting it or not. And because it was expensive I wanna know if it's good or not. And if I get some...
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    April Fools Day for ps3

    So it's almost April 1st. So say a lie that has to do with ps3, it's games or whatever but you wish was true I'm downloading Home, right now. It's 59% down, I can't wait. I already bought some furniture too for my apartment in Home
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    The Greek ps3forum site been hacked

    I went to enter our Greek ps3 community forums ( and its been hacked!!!!! The following message appeared Hacked By holocaust Warning: main() [function.main]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/includes/version.php) is not within the allowed path(s)...
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    CoD4 Serious stats problem

    So I was playing and I needed 1600xp for prestige mode 3. Gathered 1153 xp on one game, at the end I went to barracks, to discover that I still needed 1600xp for the next prestige. So I played gathered 876xp, now it took 'em in, ok. Anyways at one point I needed 161 xp for the 3rd prestige. For...