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  1. J

    Regarding stealth car pre order codes

    I pre-ordered this game ages ago from and recieved the stealth car codes, but where do you input them?
  2. J

    Why no dedicated servers?

    Treyarch made a fun game with Black Ops, but the multiplayer is broken and it's not my internet connection at fault. This would be a great game if it worked, it seems half the time I spend online I'm getting dropped out of matches. Connection interrupted, unable to connect to host, host...
  3. J

    DVD help

    Apologies if this is the wrong section. I live in England where games are PAL and DVD's are region 2, but I was under the impression that the PS3 was region free. So I ordered some DVD's from Canada as they are not released in PAL format over here, or even on sale here as far as I can tell...
  4. J

    PS3 wont read disks - game or dvd's

    My PS3 won't recognize any disc I insert, I've tried games, DVD's and DIVX discs. The game icon won't appear in the XMB and neither does the disc icon. I've tried restarting, resetting, turning my PS3 on and off, but no luck. There's no sound or indication of any mechanical activity when I...
  5. J

    My PS3 + GTAIV = jet engine

    I've had my PS3 since mid December-ish and it's always ran quietly and smoothly, except for a few instances of freezing. Today though, I recieved my copy of GTAIV in the mail and played it. About 30 mins into the game my PS3 fan kicks into overdrive, it's the loudest I've ever heard it and has...
  6. J

    My PS3 "froze"

    I was playing COD4 online and my screen suddenly went black. I tried pressing the PS button on the controller to see if I could quit the game or at least get that menu up, but nothing. I thought it was my TV at first but it wasn't, all my tv stations worked fine. So I tried pressing the...