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  1. Treefrog

    How Steam Saved Introversion Link to the blog post. Well. Thank god for Steam and Valve. Introversions games, particularly...
  2. Treefrog

    Missions Gone Wrong ?!

    So I'm in the 'calm lands' place, doing the mission stones. Completed mission 11. It has now lit up a stone that is number 52 and not number 12. I've looked through some guides and it looks like a hard battle apparently. Why on Earth hasn't stone 12 lit up like it should? I used a...
  3. Treefrog

    UK Under Snow Very impressive shot of the UK buried from Lands End to John O'Groats with Snow. Looks very nice, would make a nice x-mas card :D. Hopefully though some warm weather will soon be on the way.
  4. Treefrog

    Assassins Creed 2 Freezing

    Well I very annoyed. The game freezes up at exactly the same point every time i try it. Sequence 4. The part where you give chase to the guard. Right at the end is a staircase that goes upwards and towards the right, every time I try to climb it, the game freezes. Ive deleted the...
  5. Treefrog

    Bug In R&C: Crack In Time

    Not a major bug, but is rather annoying me. The moon Bernillius Alpha has a zoni on it, the way to get the zonin is by fixing a jump pad with some oil. I found the oil, and have the Omisoaker, yet when i try to get some oil, it does nothing at all. Yet when i go onto a planet and try to...
  6. Treefrog

    Official Playstation Mag - UK Uncharted 2 Review Scans

    Just got my copy of OPM-UK through the door today, and as expected Uncharted 2 got a great review, click on the links to read the scans.
  7. Treefrog

    [email protected] Sub-Forum Missing ?

    The [email protected] sub-forum seems to be missing from the PS3 Discussion section, any news on where its magically disappeared too ?
  8. Treefrog

    Futurama Cast Replaced !? (Answer No, Post 26) I love the fact that Futurama has had new life thrown onto it, but with a new cast..... If it does turn out to be true, well it just won't be the same, and I may not watch it without the original cast. Fingers crossed that a better deal...
  9. Treefrog

    Codemasters Unveils Formula 1 Games Bit disappointed that we will have to wait until next Spring for a real console F1 game. The mobile game doesn't sound too interesting yet, especially naming 3 drivers out of the entire field that are in it......I'll hold my...
  10. Treefrog

    UK Top 10 Charts, 29/10

    PES 2008 has managed to knock off FIFA08 for top spot this week. Good going. UK Top 10 All Format 1 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2008 (PS2) *NEW* 2 FIFA 08 (PS2) 3 FOOTBALL MANAGER 2008 (PC) 4 THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: PHANTOM HOURGLASS (DS) 5 RATATOUILLE (Wii) 6 THE ORANGE BOX (X360) 7...
  11. Treefrog

    Gamestation Release Lair Early...?!?!?

    Today I went to visit the new flagship store for Gamestation in my home town of Hull. I wandered over to the PS3 section, and on the top shelf was Lair. It's fully priced up £39.99, in full retail box, about 40 on shelf, without any pre-order stickers on. Has Gamestation really got Lair in...
  12. Treefrog

    UK Top 10 Charts, Week Ending 6/10

    As seen in other country's, FIFA 08 has managed to knock Halo 3 off top spot. UK All Format Chart, Week Ending 6th October 1 FIFA 08 (PS2) 2 HALO 3 (X360) 3 JUICED 2: HOT IMPORT NIGHTS (PS2) 4 MYSIMS (DS) 5 TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 08 (Wii) 6 MORE BRAIN TRAINING...
  13. Treefrog

    My Connectivity Issue

    I'm currently having an issue with connecting to the PSN EU Network. My wireless router is up and running and is connected to the PS3. I have a working internet connection, as I've successfully been able to get onto through the browser. When I test the connection I get a working...
  14. Treefrog

    What Do You Think To My 3 Wallpapers ?

    Over the past couple of days i have been busying my self with designing different wallpapers for games. All images are clickable links to the 1024X768 copies. Enjoy ! I made this after along overdue re-haul off my previous SWG based Wallpaper, as you can see cool lightsabre effects...