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    Playstation home: arcade

    To me this is basically a dream come true. I love the full fledged games the vita offers but they are not the best for a quick fun game while waiting a few minutes ( load times etc) so adding in these small arcade (ios style, but better) games is a fantastic idea that i think many of you guys...
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    Assassins creed: Liberation bundle uk?

    Is this bundle available in the UK? I'e tried to look for it but can't see it anywhere. I've tried game, ebay, amazon and a typical Google search but nothing comes up for the UK. have one, but its the black vita and i want the white one. Hope SONY are not being ***** and only sell...
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    Search remagnified? home page redirected

    Whenever i go onto the PU homepage i get redirected to this website: (probably not best to click it)...
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    New TV help

    I am looking for a new TV as I managed to shoot 3 bb bullets into my current TV and literally destroying it ( it was on safety, but the trigger was locked in somehow and when i inserted the battery it went full-auto on my TV :lol:) I was looking for a new TV either way so i am not too but-hurt...
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    Are IW just catering to the kids?

    Why may you ask? Because: Kills from kill streaks/using air support count MOABS( LOL, really?) noobtubing is back form what i experienced Qscoping 1 hit kill SR on any part of the body LAG very high bullet damage no recoil at all, just hold the trigger down powerful air support deathstreaks...
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    mass effect 3 demo- pc

    Just to let you know, their is a mass effect 3 demo for the PC available but its on Origin( EA store)
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    Syndicate- demo

    Anyone played the demo yet? I think it may be one of the best FPS games ive played in a long while! The game at first is a bit confusing and is weird but when you get the hang of it you could end up loving it! The graphics at first looked average but after a few more days of playing it...
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    Battlefield 3 Grand Bazaar Multiplayer Gameplay (on PS3) Looks really good. Great looking map, graphics, sound effects and can't wit!!!!!!!! Disappointed with the tank damage though, too low.
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    gt5 drivers vs real drivers live now! Its basically real drivers vs gamers, gonna be pretty incredible but its only Mercedes. If you go to...
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    BF3 Physical warfare pack trailer Looks incredible, cannot wait to play this beast!
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    ps3 is holding back COD (LOL) (did not mention the 360 so only wrote ps3) Maybe if they get a much better engine that is much more optimised they could end up making a game that actually shows the power of these...
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    Your favourite type of races?

    For me its got to be shuffle race. I just find having everyone with cars that perform the same but also are not too fast ( nor too slow) just really fun and immense. The races are all exciting and not once does someone get let behind too far back. The most fun i have had on ANY racing game...
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    Arma 2: free Gonna be awesome, can wait for it to be released! Not the full package, but still pretty awesome!
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    LA Noire: the naked city case free code, first come

    I have code for the naked city + the Badge Pursuit Challenge. I found LA Noire disappointing so i sold it to make as much money as possible and since PSN was down i did not use the code. Anyway, first come first serve (YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE UK, post count not required)
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    EA launching steam like service I hope the prices are cheaper!
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    PC for crysis 2?!?!

    Since my knowledge for gaming pc's is very low, i would like to know if anyone can help me by letting me know how good/bad this ganing PC is. Case: - Cooler Master HAF 922 Gaming Case - 600w Corsair PSU CPU: - Intel Core I5-760 - Quad Core CPU - 4x 2.80ghz - 8mb Cache Motherboard...
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    homefront ps3>>360 I knew the ps3 was the lead console ( think) but wow, thats a big difference.
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    Xperia Play Official - Playstation Phone.

    Sony Ericsson have given the 'play-station phone' an official name. Its Xperia Play Not a bad name IMO, but not that great.
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    Rate this laptop

    I have been interested in buying a gaming laptop and i have recently seen this laptop ( which i heard is good) but would like to know if any of you fellow PC gamers know how good it is ...
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    What's YOUR setup?

    Since BO has been out for a while I am pretty sure most of you have already found that one setup that's perfect. Heres mine: AK74u with grip and dual mag 2nd rocket launcher (vehicle lock on only) perks Ghost Warlord Hacker kill streaks: UAV napalm strike ( got 7 kills with one...