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    FC4 Release Date is November 18

    Hopefully there won't be any delays...
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    Gangster Rapping Fish in Watch Dogs?

    Have you guys found it yet?
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    Watch Dogs: Over 3,000 character kits and up to 500 recorded lines for every NPC That's pretty good news! I have relatively high hopes for the AI.
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    Watch Dogs in March?

    A bit sooner than I would have expected:
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    Far Cry '80s Tron Movie

    BLOOD DRAGON reminds me of scott pilgrim, kinda. so cool! so we get like a movie thing and an actual game DLC. super neon. i'm confused/annoyed/stoked all at the same time...
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    What would you want to see in the next Far Cry 3 DLC?

    The patch was good but I wanna see a solid DLC... what would you wanna see?
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    Climate Change game

    I want a climate change game that does real climate modeling. Just sayin'. This could be our last generation console series...
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    Keystone XL Pipeline

    I'm really excited about the efforts by those who are trying to block the pipeline, which will displace farmers, ranchers, indigenous groups, and so on. Anybody else have thoughts on this?
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    New Far Cry 3 MP Trailer I was thinking the MP wouldn't be well done for some reason. I don't know why. But this looks pretty freaking awesome.
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    Expendables 2?

    I'm wondering what you guys all think about this game. I think it looks like it has potential and it's very cheap, but it could also be a random sort of throwaway by Ubisoft. Their titles are pretty hit or miss in my opinion.