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    Could Gaikai be used to deliver PS4 demos to PS3

    Obviously they would be of reduced quality compared to running on the actual console, but I think Sony could potentially use Gaikai to give PS3 owners a taste of PS4 gaming. It would not only be a really cool why of showcasing the PS4 and its games, but also a excellent way to introduce Gaikai...
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    Unreleased Games

    I was just thinking of times in the past when magazines have claimed a unlikely game was being released and its never got past that point. I can recall 3 examples, all for the PS1. Donkey Kong Country was in a rumours section of PLAY i think which would surely have been impossible. I also...
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    Unreal Engine PS3 Optimization Bad News For 360?

    After hearing the recent news regarding the unreal engine being optimized for the PS3 I think it could be a key moment in the 'console war'. The 360 best looking game has been Gears Of War for nearly a year now, Bioshock is better (in my opinion) but even if you disagree they both use the Unreal...
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    Drum alternative in Rock Band

    Wouldn't it be good, if as a money saving ploy, Rock Band had the option on an on screen drum kit that can be used with the PSeye/eyetoy so you could use your hands to hit the correct drum beat. They could even release specially coloured drum sticks. As some may have noticed I've been thinking...
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    Thought about new Eyetoy

    I was just thinking about the XMB (as I often do when I'm lonely) I had a thought. Do you think you'll be able to control it with the PSEYE? How cool would it be if your friends where round and you were selected movies/music Minority Report style. It would be very cool, and i think it is...
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    Metriod: No online multiplayer

    I cant believe it. They've dropped the ball leaving this out.
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    KillZone Info

    As some may know I used to work at Sony, and I was speaking to a friend still there last night, trying to get some details out of him over a few pints. Now he isn't working on Killzone 2 but he's been told and shown a few things. Here's what he said; 1. He seen a gameplay video. Graphically he...
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    Sick of games looking better on 360

    I own both PS3 and 360 and I havent bought any PS3 games since launch day, which was over 3 months ago. I was looking forward to getting the Darkness on PS3, as I assumed it would be the best version. Now I find its not quite as good looking as the 360 version. The differences seem to be minor...
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    God Of War to unlock CPU

    Going to use the full 333 Mhz! Quality!!
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    Manhunt 2 BANNED

    Not getting released! Import for me!
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    Manhunt 2 BANNED in the UK

    I cant believe it!
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    God Of War for PS3 not even started yet

    Seems production hasn't started on GOW III yet Sad? Me too. Lets hope their in the design stage at least.
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    Folklore Info

    Just a little bit of news on Folklore, but I should get a bit more specific details later. The game is at least 40 hours for a play through, and this is from a seasoned game player so for your average joe it would be a little longer. Also my contact tells me its amazing. I should have more...
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    Thought about New Wii

    Hi guys. I've always had a problem with how the Wii's graphics aren't 'Next Gen', but i'm even more concerned that in 3 years time it will look even worse by comparison. But I had a thought. With the low price point of the Wii, do you think nintendo could step away from the 6 year cycle of...
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    Help with Upscaling DVD's on 360

    Howdo folks, I know you can upscale DVD's on the 360 using a VGA cable, but do you need to have HD-DVD addon to do this, or can I do it without. Cheers.
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    Another Spider-Man game this year!!

    Its called Spider-man Friend or Foe. Check it out. Spider-man 3 was a rush job. Lets hope this is an improvement!
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    Microsoft VS Epic - $1 billion arguement

    Here's a link to an article about Microsoft basically telling the Gears Of War dev to stop moaning about charging for the new gears of war DL content, because they cost microsoft 1 billion dollars. It refers to Epic persuading...
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    Motorstorm Downloadable content: New Track & Modes.

    Hey guys and dolls, Some news on Motorstorm DL content. Theres going to be 2 downloads a couple of months apart, with the second download apparently including everything in the first download. The downloads will include 1 new track (at least), new vehicles (including a cool school bus)...
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    Movie Downloads In The UK

    Does anybody know when HD movies are going to be able to download in the UK?
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    Will a rumble feature ever be included in the official sixaxis pad

    When the PSOne was first released it didnt feature analog sticks, but the release of Gran Turismo saw the indroduction of the analog pad for playstation. This had a great take up rate and basically replaced the original pad. My point is that an introduction of a new official pad in the middle...