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    Signature Request 3K Reward.

    Hi, I'm looking for a signature for another forum and am willing to pay 3,000 sp. The forum is fairly strict on the sig dimensions so they must follow the rules below. IMAGE SPECIFICATIONS: MAXIMUM SIZE : 20K in size (20480 bytes) MAXIMUM IMAGE DIMENSIONS: 450 (width) x 150 pixels (height)...
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    Which themes have you purchased?

    I got the Tigers theme last night, real nice. Think it rotates between 4 different images.
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    Sig request - 1000sp

    Hi, I'm looking for a sig featuring Ash Crimson of The King Of Fighters. Winner will receive 1000sp and rep. Only ref I have is the darker theme the better, but with a hint of neon highlights would look nice. The images of Ash could be 2d sprites or artwork. Thank you A good place to start...
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    Cammy Signature (1,000 SP)

    I'm looking for a Cammy from Street Fighter Sig to match my new avatar. I will pay 1,000 SP to the winning design +Rep all enteries. I'll let you guys decide what look's best, do what suits your style. I would probably like images from SFIV more though. Would also like it if you could mix it...
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    Component setup confusion

    At the moment my xbox is round a friends who has an lcd tv, but it isn't HD ready, so I've been playing around trying to get the best possible picture for her. Scart looks poor so that won't happen. I plugged the component cables in and switched the av switch to "TV" and it looks better, but...
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    For those who ordered it from

    Have you got the Nariko code yet?
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    Trouble loading

    I can't get it to load, it cames saying it's not responding, and when I bring up the task manager it shows me having 2 eBay pages opened. I think I'm using IE7. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Problems you've found in the LBP Beta.

    Has anybody found any problems whilst playing the Beta? I discovered that if you have a wireless guitar plugged in (GHA version), even if the guitar is off, but the wireless sensor is in, the game reads it as a second controller and can create a few problems. I always leave the wireless...
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    Organising games folders.

    I had created 3 games folders in the past, "PS3 Demos", "PSN Full Game Downloads", and "PSOne Games". Now whenever I download anything from the store in puts everything in a general folder. I press Triangle to try and organise it, but I can't seem to put it in the exisiting folders, I can only...
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    TNA Impact!

    Who has this game? I have heard we finally have a good wrestling game, and it's the best since No Mercy on the N64. Can it really be? Can I really be excited for a wrestling game again?!
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    Rock Band out in UK!

    Finally it is here! Will my guitar hero Aerosmith controller work if I just buy the game?
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    PS button on GH:A guitar

    This button does everything the PS button should do, but it won't turn the system on. Is this a problem?
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    GHIII solo?

    Does anyboy know if Guitar Hero III will come out solo anytime soon?
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    Do you have it on both consoles?

    So do you? If so, how comes? I got it on both, I bought it on the 360, but someone got it for me on the PS3 as a gift :)
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    Reel Fishing

    So how do I catch a fish?
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    3000 points for sig and avatar

    I am looking for a new sig and avy set, the theme needs to be the new Rambo movie. I would like the set to be both dark and brutal. I will pay 3000 points for the winner.
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    The Golden Compass

    What's the verdict on this game? I'm confused as we all know movie tie-in's are not too great, but this is by SEGA, so could this actually be a good game?
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    Again... The Shop

    Sorry to make another thread regarding the shop, but I think we need a few changes. Many people do not know too much about how it works, and are ignored by mods/admins when they ask. I have several questions/suggestions. 1, Which members are in charge of the shop, who should we contact about...
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    NiGHTS - Journey of Dreams release date?

    I haven't heard too much about this game recently, so I looked on Wikipedia, this is what they have regarding a release date. Anyone know if any truth is in those dates?
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    Auto Sign-In

    Is it possible to get your profile to auto sign-in?