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    The one thing that PS4/Xb1 should've copied from each other...

    This would of been awesome, its just a bummer it probably won't happen this gen.. So anyways, everybody loves the XB1 snap feature to be able to watch a small tiny screen of TV while playing Forza 5 or something. While on the PS4 side everybody loves being able to remote play every single PS4...
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    RDR: What was your best game online?

    What was the most fun game you've played on RDR? What happened? I just had an awesome game online so I thought I'll share my story which was the most fun I've had on RDR, in hear a few storys off what other people have been getting up to. It was just me and a mate in a posse and there was...
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    SCEA rebuts Peter Moore's PS3 "disaster" jab Does that mean sony actually sold 1 million+ PS3s in december? And i dont think sonys online service could ever be called a disaster, its free, it works, its good.
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    From "Play" magazine "The Playstation 3 Bible

    i actually got this magazine near the end of last year. This magazine also shows a list of all the games So if i can count right thats 80 games listed :o it also says in the book the cell processor has 256mb of grapfics RAM which i cant not remember reading anywhere but i have seen...
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    PSP connective with PS1

    So i watched into a magazine shop yesterday and quickly read that this some thing (cant remmeber what) lets you able to play PS1 games on your PSP from you PS1 though theres a 2-3 seconds button delay meaning you can only really play RPG's going really slow. I think they could also do it with...
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    PSP not updating to 2.0

    The program starts up and theres no writing i can press X and O and it does what its mean to do eg change page or do you want to quit? thou it doesnt say that since u cant see the writing. Anyways if i did keep pressing X it will just stop after a few pages
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    All of PSP uses make a list!

    well, im sure theres a billjion things people dont even know about that you could use your PSP for, and im trying to make full use outta mine! even though i only got it a month ago around! Roms: -------- everybody basicly heared about it people able to play SNES games like chrono trigger...